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Cybersecurity, Firewall, network security, fortinet

Fortinet Network Firewalls: Security at scale that advances user experiences

Today’s most digitally innovative organizations face escalating and often unpredictable capacity needs that are quickly outpacing their security solution’s performance capabilities. 

As a result,...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How does JMAP make email better? - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Product-led SEO connects you to customers - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Webinar, penetration testing, Webcheck Security

Everything you need to know about penetration testing to be more cyber secure [On-Demand Webinar]


How do you know whether a hacker could access your organizational assets? Hire one! Watch our on-demand webinar to learn why penetration testing is prescribed by NIST and many other frameworks as...

Cybersecurity, Cloud

Five Security Areas To Address When Building And Managing Security In The Cloud


As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations are increasingly reliant on cloud-based services and infrastructures. Yet, organizations often end up with a heterogeneous set of technologies in use,...

Ransomware, Cybersecurity, backup

How to strengthen your organization's business continuity and availablility [On-Demand Webinar]


Ransomware is a disaster that costs businesses nearly two million dollars (US) per incident. To help organizations be more cyber secure, VLCM turns to Veeam's market-leading secure backup for...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Creating a Security Culture - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cloud

The Grey Cloud of Cloud Security


Now that it is 2022, it is safe to say that people are no longer asking “What is the cloud and where is it?” as most people and their data are now living there. We see increasingly that our...

Cybersecurity, Firewall, fortinet

What to Consider When Choosing a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)


What makes for a good NGFW solution? Many factors affect the suitability of an NGFW for a given organization. NGFWs play an important role in threat protection and preserving business continuity....

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

What should you do with old devices to protect data and the environment? - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, SD-WAN, networking, fortinet

Enable Resilient, Seamless, Secure Networking with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN


A unified WAN edge, powered by a single OS, to transform and secure the WAN.


Almost every organization now operates in more than one cloud, and the number of people accessing those resources...

Cybersecurity, imperva

Securing Your Web Application and Data with Imperva


We know cybersecurity is a challenge, and finding the right cybersecurity solution can be overwhelming. To help take the strain out of day-to-day security operations, Imperva's Application...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How to do Application Security Right - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

The Future of Passwordless - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Keeping seniors safe online - New Cyber24 Podcast


HPE, hybrid workplace

What does the future of the workplace look like?



The workplace as we know it has been quickly and irrevocably changed. Organizations with a heavy reliance on physical interactions are being left behind by those who have the flexibility to...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Quad9 and the Future of DNS - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cyberwarfare in Ukraine - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Protecting your business from cybercriminals - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Augmented Reasoning - New Cyber24 Podcast


HP, education, K-12, pcs

K-12 HP PCs Built Tough and Designed for Hybrid Learning



When shopping for a K-12 PC, we recommend machines that pass the DCCC test: Durable, Clean, Collaborative, and Connected. HP’s Education Solutions for K-12 learning cover each letter in DCCC,...

Cybersecurity, aruba networks, hybrid workplace

Top Three Hybrid Work Challenges for IT and How Aruba ESP Can Fix Them



The sudden change from in-office to work-from-home has completely changed how organizations are providing the tools and support that employees need to be productive.


Work from home has...


Why IT Teams Love HPE’s Always-On, Always-Fast Nimble Storage



Businesses in every sector are increasingly reliant on applications to handle everything from back-end operations to the delivery of new products, services, and customer experiences. That is why...

HP, Cybersecurity, pcs

If you’re looking for a new PC - make sure it has these security features



With cyberattacks increasing 238%1 during covid, and primarily targeting remote workers, you’re going to want a PC to protect you as much as possible. In today’s blog, we will be focusing on...


The Importance of Detection

What you cannot see cannot hurt you. Right?


When I talk with clients about cyber security, I ask them what a great cyber security practice looks like from their point of view. The easy answer is...

HP, hybrid workplace

PCs To Help Your Employees Adapt To The Hybrid Workplace



With hybrid work continuing to be the norm, managing employee devices has never been more challenging. IT teams are constantly balancing priorities to meet the demands of changing work...

IT Security, aruba networks, network security, smb

Top 6 Must-Have Security Tips For Midsized  Businesses

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cyber Trends to Watch in 2022 - New Cyber24 Podcast


IT Security, Cybersecurity, HPE, smb

Today’s Top Four Security Threats and what SMB’s can do to close their IT security gaps

As the digital landscape widens, so does the breadth of security threats. Since the start of the pandemic, cyberthreats are up 400%, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are on the target list -...

aruba networks, hpe greenlake, network security, hybrid workplace

How to create a secure and connected hybrid workplace in 4 steps


Aruba ESP powers the hybrid workplace with built-in network intelligence and cloud-native capabilities to keep workers safe and productive.



Going to the office every day was once the norm. The...

IT Security, Cybersecurity

6 ways Aruba Networks protects the edge

See how Aruba’s built-in network security solutions can protect against advanced threats.

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Signs of progress in the fight against cybercrime - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, shredding services, intellishred

What to shred and when - a security guide for small businesses

Today, in the modern, digital landscape, the need to be cyber secure is imperative to ensuring future business success - no matter your seat size or industry. While new trends such as zero trust...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

VPN is a Cybersecurity Must Have - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, zero trust, identity and access management, enterprise, network security

Scenarios For Implementing Zero Trust Security: A How-To Guide For Reducing Cyber Risk


For several decades, the perimeter-based network security model has been the center of information security. This framework assumes users inside the corporate network perimeter are “trusted” and...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Public-private partnership aims to upgrade government systems - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Facebook Offline - New Cyber24 Podcast



HP, IT Security, Cybersecurity, PC

Looking for new PCs? Make sure they're built with hardware-enforced security features.



Data is now the most valuable commodity in the world and attacks are increasing in frequency and cost to businesses worldwide. Choosing the right PC for your business has never been more...

5 Ways Aruba can transform Higher Education Networks into Smart, Digital Campuses


Higher education institutions are under constant pressure to support demands from administrators, faculty, staff, and students. 


Digital curricula, classroom collaboration, and context-aware...

HPE, vdi

4 Ways VDI Can Improve Your Business

Business continuity used to be all about protecting data and being able to restore it quickly. Of course, that’s still incredibly important. But it’s become clear that business continuity plans also...

aruba networks, networking, government

Connect and secure local government starts with this AI-powered tool

Explore advanced network and security solutions for today and tomorrow’s hybrid demands.

Cybersecurity, HPE

Cybercrime pays, and companies are writing big checks

Originally Posted by HPE

Cybercrime is one of the world’s largest industries and defending against it is one of the largest IT spends companies make these days. HPE’s 360-degree view of security is...

HP, amd, end user devices, laptops

5 Reasons to consider HP Laptops with AMD Ryzen Processors for Business



From small businesses to enterprises, HP devices with AMD Ryzen™ Processors and AMD Ryzen™ Processors with PRO technologies provide work anywhere flexibility for the modern workforce. 



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

5 steps you don’t want to overlook when hit with ransomware - New Cyber24 Podcast



IT Security, Network, Cybersecurity, aruba networks, clearpass

Struggling to keep up with IoT? Here’s your roadmap to end-to-end visibility, control, and automation for your network.


Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are pouring into the workplace. With every employee now utilizing an average of three devices, the addition of IoT increases the...

education, aruba networks

How Aruba Networks enables K-12 student success


Learning environments are constantly changing. Every day, more schools and educational organizations are embracing digital learning by issuing student devices, creating smarter spaces for...

Storage, HPE, hpe nimble dhci

The HCI that actually saves you money - and how it can help your business THRIVE



Survival is one thing. Thriving is another. Business has always been complex, but now there are more challenges than ever before. With little forewarning, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How risk assessments can save your business - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Mixed incentives skew ransom decision - New Cyber24 Podcast



HPE, hpe greenlake

Unleash your business with consumption-based IT from HPE GreenLake


We live in a consumption-driven world. To be more competitive and deliver better outcomes faster, more reliably, and more economically, you need to find better ways to consume IT. Line-of-business...

Storage, HPE, hpe nimble dhci

Top 5 Reasons to consider HPE Nimble Storage dHCI



At VLCM, we can’t stop talking about HPE Nimble dHCI. It gives our HPE ProLiant customers ultra-simplicity for their virtualized environments by delivering FAST app performance, always-on data...

Cybersecurity, HPE

Server refresh coming soon? Make server security a top priority.


With 720 million hack attempts every 24 hours worldwide1, limiting security to firewalls is no longer enough. VLCM’s Cybersecurity division recommends arming your infrastructure starting at the...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Vaccine passports come with privacy and security concerns - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Public tipping point on ransomware - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Federal crypto and the Double Squeeze - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cloud, HPE, hpe greenlake

HPE GreenLake: The cloud that comes to you


Speed digital transformation efforts, modernize IT, and implement emerging technologies quickly with HPE GreenLake. 



The cloud model can accelerate business outcomes with easy access to...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

More cyberattacks on US infrastructure raise alarms - New Cyber24 Podcast



audiovisual, conference room

Top 4 Audiovisual Technologies You Need to Consider When Planning a New Conference Room

View Conference Room Linecard

When VLCM made the big move to a larger office space back in 2019, one of our top priorities was to create a functional meeting space for customers, vendors, and...

document technology solutions, managed print services

How to Improve Your Business Processes With Managed Print Services


Printing is still important for most businesses. Managed print services take the hassle out of maintaining printers and printing equipment.

Managed Print Services Make Printing Simple,...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Irish Health Care hacked, American systems targeted - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Phishing and Malware attacks - New Cyber24 Podcast




Work Smarter and Save More With HP


From education to medicine to business, HP Inc. is impacting how things are done. They create the computers and devices people rely on every day.



How HP Inc. Is Changing Life for the Better


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

US Cybersecurity Strategy - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Brute force attacks and credential stuffing - New Cyber24 Podcast



HP, IT Security, Cybersecurity, PC, intel

What Is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and How Does It Apply to Your Business?


Advanced cyber-attacks target enterprises and small businesses. Advanced threat protection uses multilayered security to protect your business.



Reasons Your Business Needs Advanced Threat...

HP, IT Security, Cybersecurity, PC

Robust Endpoint Security Begins With Hardware



A new malware specimen will emerge on the internet about every four seconds1. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg - as threats to information security continue to grow, not just in...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24, remote work

The pitfalls of DIY cybersecurity - New Cyber24 Podcast



HPE, hpe greenlake

Compute Power For Your Workloads with HPE GreenLake

Achieve a modern cloud experience in on-premises environments with elastic compute capacity in a pay-per-use model

If you prefer to view this blog as a pdf, click here.

Compute in the cloud is...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24, remote work

What the Chinese hack of Microsoft means for you - New Cyber24 Podcast



HPE, hpe greenlake

Balance IT flexibility, cost, and control with accelerated outcomes on your terms

Click here if you'd like to view this blog as a pdf

The lure of public cloud has been the speed and ease with which new applications can be delivered; however, getting that same experience on-premises...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24, remote work

Solarwinds Recap - New Cyber24 Podcast



mitel, voip

10 Ways MiCloud Connect Makes Your Job Easier

Do you find yourself wishing you could just declutter all of your projects? Wouldn’t that make your job easier? Collaboration is an ever-growing challenge, as the number of emails, conferences,...

IT Information, IT Security, Cybersecurity

Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerability Exposes 30,000 US Organizations


Last week, Microsoft released new emergency security updates to patch four security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2013 through 2019. It's estimated that over 30,000 U.S....

hpe nimble dhci

Survival isn’t good enough - Which IT enables business to thrive?


Cybersecurity, Cyber24, remote work

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks pose interesting threat to your business - New Cyber24 Podcast



document technology solutions, shredding services

How to Choose a Shredding Company That Fits Your Needs

Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash


When you are looking for a shredding service company, it’s best to check several factors, including the locality and security compliance.


1.  Is the Shredding...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24, remote work

Top 5 Challenges of managing remote work - New Cyber24 Podcast



hpe nimble dhci

Business is complex. IT doesn't need to be.



Many businesses chose to use hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) because they needed technology that made it easier to manage their virtual desktops, apps and data remotely. The promise was that...

Network, aruba networks, remote work

IT’s 5 Toughest Work From Home Challenges And How To Solve Them

Adapted from this eBook


2020 has forced the shift to a hybrid work model


All of a sudden, you (and everyone else) found yourself working from home. The one advantage was the lack of a...

HPE, hpe nimble dhci

HCI 2.0 from HPE powers business recovery through innovation 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Attacking the strongest link - New Cyber24 Podcast



HPE, hpe nimble dhci

What would your business sacrifice for simplicity?

“At this point, quite a lot.”

Network, SD-WAN, aruba networks, silver peak

Basic SD-WAN vs Business-driven SD-WAN


While most SD-WAN offerings improve network agility and reduce WAN costs, Silver Peak enables enterprises to build a modern WAN that drives maximum value from cloud and digital transformation...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cybersecurity ROI - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Hiring a managed security service - New Cyber24 Podcast



Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Awareness training benefits and best practices - New Cyber24 Podcast


Network, SD-WAN, aruba networks

What is SD-WAN? An intro to giving your enterprise the (WAN) Edge


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Ransomeware as a service - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Crisis Communication for a cyber breach - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Equipping your team to respond to a hack - New Cyber24 Podcast


dell, pcs, dell latitude

6 New Innovations within Dell Latitude Laptops and 2-in-1s


Adapted from: Innovations within the Latitude portfolio of products Brochure

With a more mobile workforce than ever before, users need technology with portability and connectivity features that...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Invest in investigation tools, forensics - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Knowing who has access to what is a critical part of your security, incident response plan - New Cyber24 Podcast


dell, pcs, dell latitude

5 Reasons To Consider Dell PCs For Your Business

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Maximum visibility in a cyber incident - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Keys to buying the cyber insurance policy that’s right for your business - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Key security efforts to double-check when making an incident response plan - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Top scenarios for effective tabletop exercises to prep your team for a cyberattack - New Cyber24 Podcast



VLCM acquires Trusted Network Solutions (TNS)



Always on. Always protected. [On-Demand Webinar]

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Tabletop exercises are critical to surviving a cybersecurity incident, identifying gaps in your plan - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Webinar

Relentless email protection for a resilient world [On-Demand Webinar]

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

The first two steps to building an incident response plan to save your business from hackers - New Cyber24 Podcast


IT Security, Cybersecurity, Webinar

The Next-Generation Security Operations Center [On-Demand Webinar]

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Your business risks ‘death by cyber attack’ without an incident response plan - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How hackers bypass your defenses and cripple your business with ransomware - New Cyber24 Podcast


Webinar, cooking guide, grilling

The Steaks are HIGH - Cybersecurity Overview + Grilling Class [On-Demand Webinar]


Well-done cybersecurity is at your fingertips

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Afraid of ransomware? New threat of government fines adds to business woes - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

New trend boosts cybersecurity for vulnerable SMB without breaking the bank - New Cyber24 Podcast


Protecting your organization against ransomware [Infographic]

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! As you may know, Ransomware is more rampant and vicious than ever, with the average payment being $1,652,6661. To help you and your organization protect...


Blueprint for a Future-Ready Workforce

A 3 Stage Approach for Adopting Modern Management and Security


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Your employees’ lazy password habits are a huge vulnerability for your business - New Cyber24 Podcast


Webinar, verkada

A Smarter Way To Secure Your Space [On-Demand Webinar]


All-in-One Physical Security from Verkada

Barracuda, Webinar

Fortinet's Next-Gen Security [On-Demand Webinar]


Build high performing, security-driven networks with Fortinet FortiGate NGFWs (Next Generation Firewalls) 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How Utah government shifted 24,000 workers to remote without a hitch - New Cyber24 Podcast


Optimize Your Network for the Distributed Workforce: Eight Ways to Win

The events of early 2020 created the largest remote work pilot the world has seen. Shelter-in-place mandates meant most everyone worked from home, with employees striving to stay connected and...

Barracuda, Webinar

To Infinity and Beyond! An Intro to Check Point's Infinity Architecture [On-Demand Webinar]


Reduce TCO and Increase Protection with a Consolidated Security Architecture

To keep up with hackers, organizations have had to implement multiple products from various vendors leaving them...
Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Offsite storage benefits – Part 2 - New Cyber24 Podcast



VLCM's Emerging Technology and Contact Center AI Webinar [On-Demand Webinar]


What could be possible if you could clone your best contact center agent? What would happen to your costs? Your customer service?

We recently sat down (virtually) with the brilliant minds at...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Offsite storage benefits – Part 1 - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Testing and Securing Web Applications - New Cyber24 Podcast


Barracuda, Webinar

Rethinking Office 365 Security with Barracuda Sentinel [On-Demand Webinar]


The popularity of Office 365 makes it the single biggest target for attackers. They are continually testing and evolving their threats to circumvent Microsoft standard security. Email continues to...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

If you aren’t using two-factor authentication, you’re asking for trouble - New Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

SigRed and Cyber Pandemics - New Cyber24 Podcast



Digital Experiences Can Impact Company Culture - Can You Meet Employee Demands?

To be the best, you need to have the best people working for you. Today, that means IT leaders must provide employees with a better digital workplace experience. In a recent study, researchers...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Without guest wifi your entire network is at risk - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Physical security as an element of cyber security - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Apple security enhancements coming for iPhone, iPad - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Engaging your leadership team and board to your cybersecurity efforts - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

COMPANY NEWS, aruba networks

VLCM Receives 2020 West Region Partner of the Year from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Salt Lake City, Utah – July 22, 2020 – VLCM today announced that it was honored as Aruba’s 2020 West Region Partner of the Year. The annual Top Channel Partner awards recognize the achievements of...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Twitter hacked and playing cyber defense to protect COVID-19 research - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

The Anatomy of a Hack - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

HP, IT Security, HP Elite Dragonfly, PC

A Guide to Hardware-Enforced PC Security

Adapted from The World's Most Secure PCs: A complete guide to HP security


Over 350,0001 new malware variants are created every day, and if you want to keep up - it's time to fight fire with fire....


HPE SimpliVity is Hyper-Simplicity



Enable your digital workspace — fast, secure, and scalable.Many businesses lack the resources to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions that are scalable and secure....


IT Consumption Models as a Service: Pay As You Go - HPE Greenlake


Today's business environment demands flexibility and control. That's why it makes sense to consume IT on your terms.



HPE GreenLake is groundbreaking! It gives you a cloud experience from...

Catch it tomorrow: How Small and Midsized Businesses recover and thrive | HPE Discover Virtual Experience

Week 2 starts tomorrow
Plan your road to recovery in a new digital world
Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Zoom fatigue and big biz found lax in protecting domains - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


HPE InfoSight AI Predictive Analytics Flash AIOps Platform


Storage, HPE

Intelligent, Self-Managing HPE Nimble Storage


Leverage predictive flash storage to bring greater efficiency to your organization.


If you're experiencing surges in application workloads and data storage requirements, HPE Nimble Storage is...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Risk ransomware or invest in security? Small biz struggles – What, Why? How? - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us:

Print, Zebra Technologies

VLCM partners with Zebra Technologies to help customers capture their edge

Cybersecurity, quiz, sentinelone

VLCM Quiz Break: Cybersecurity Quiz - Sponsored by SentinelOne

Think you know Cybersecurity? Take our quick quiz covering what CISO's are worried about, which cybersecurity technologies can save organizations the most money, and more. Check back to see how you...

Cybersecurity, press release, arctic wolf

VLCM Named 2020 Central Region Partner of the Year by Arctic Wolf

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

SOC 2 and other Corporate Certs – What, Why? How? - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

IT Exchange

That's a wrap! Thanks for participating in VLCM's IT Exchange!

WOW! Time flies! We cannot believe our impromptu IT Exchange has come to an end! Thank you VERY much for participating in our virtual events. We hope you found some good nuggets of information, and...

business continuity, aruba networks, access points, remote work

A Quick Guide to Aruba’s Secure Business Continuity Solutions


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

China hacking away at COVID vaccine research - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

IT Exchange

Last chance to tune in! Virtual IT Exchange ends this week

Have you taken the #VITXChallenge?

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Effective Cyber Frameworks and Maturity Assessment - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Massive spike in pandemic related cybersecurity issues - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Tackle IT, security projects while the office is quiet - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

COVID-19 disruption has hackers on the offensive - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

IT Exchange

New Webinars Added! Checkout our latest VITX Lineup right here.

Your Weekly Virtual IT Exchange Digest: Here's what's on the horizon!

Welcome to Week 5 of Virtual IT Exchange! Take a look at what's on the horizon. We've added a few new webinars to our fantastic...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Google pushes back on Zoom - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

IT Exchange

April's IT Exchange Webinar Lineup: Here's what's on the calendar!

Your Two-Week IT Webinar Lineup

IT Exchange

Next week's webinar lineup and new webinars announced | Virtual IT Exchange

Thanks for another incredible Webinar week, folks!

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Is your video conference secure enough? - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Driving forces behind Ransomware growth - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

What’s keeping business from taking security seriously? - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How deep learning beats machine learning in detecting threats - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Preventing phishing attacks from crippling your business - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Blockchain technology and voting in Utah - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

In this episode of CYBER24, presented by VLCM, the state of Utah is exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to make voting more secure and more convenient. The team sits down with...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Protecting business from employees with itchy clicker fingers - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

In this episode of CYBER24, presented by VLCM, the team sits down with Anthony Booyse of Sophos to learn more about his company’s approach to preventing malicious links from causing you problems. 

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Strategies to protect against IoT vulnerabilities - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

On the latest Cyber24 podcast, their expert panel - including VLCM's Dan Schuyler - takes a deep dive on IoT, the security vulnerabilities it presents and what network segregation can do to keep you...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Ransomware trend leverages shame to ensure payment - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Ransomware evolves as hackers look for leverage to make sure their victims pay up. We discuss everything you need to know on this episode of CYBER24.

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Privacy regulations - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Penetration testing and vulnerability scans - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Iran cyberattack threat and the year of ransomware - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast



Pre-Registration for IT Exchange 2020 is LIVE

Ransomware, Cybersecurity

How to protect your organization from a ransomware attack - from VLCM's Cybersecurity Team

VLCM’s cybersecurity team is consistently monitoring all types of cyber-attacks to determine how wide spread they are, the severity of the attacks and what impact they could have on our customers.

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Pemex hack and preventing ransomware - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

‘Tis the season to protect yourself online - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Having a cybersecurity plan in place makes business more valuable - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Website Security - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cyber strategy makes your tech spend more valuable - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast



VLCM Cybersecurity Alerts - October, 2019


Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Focus on the fundamentals of cybersecurity - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast



Breaches at NetworkSolutions, Register.com, and Web.com | From KrebsonSecurity

Security journalist Brian Krebs reported news yesterday of a breach reported by top domain registrars NetworkSolutions.com, Register.com and Web.com.  Web.com is the parent company and said in its ...


Ron Wyden wants Facebook to ‘mind your own business’ with new privacy bill - From The Verge

"After the Equifax breach there was a surge in consumer sentiment for strong consumer privacy legislation," says Dan Schuyler, VLCM Cybersecurity Solutions Architect. "When Senator Wyden first...

Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Cyber24

If you played Words with Friends, you’ve been hacked - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


Another week, another big hack. It may come as no surprise that millions of people play video games on their phones. Whether they are attacking pigs with chickens, rolling some old school Nintendo...



From VLCM's Cybersecurity Solution Architects: October is cybersecurity awareness month and VLCM wants to help you protect your personal data and privacy.  We hope you find our Top 10 security tips...

Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cyber attacks as part of military responses - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, the Cyber24's expert panel talks about how the U.S. uses cyber attacks, whether or not they are a more civil way to engage in conflicts and what it means for the American...

Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Shocking hacker creativity and how your mood impacts your security - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, the Cyber24's expert panel takes a look at a new type of hack that hacks the sound of your fingers as they type. They also look into a recent report showing how your mood...


VLCM Cybersecurity Alerts - September 2019


Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Cyber24

An entire country gets hacked - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, the Cyber24's expert panel talks about how the entire country of Ecuador got hacked. Not its biggest bank. Not its largest company. Nope. A database that had staggering...


AWS says servers secure following Malindo Air data breach - From ZDNet

Amazon Web Services says servers containing customer information belonging to the Malaysian airline are secured, following a breach that compromised personal data of 21 million passengers, including...


Ransomeware prevention: It takes more than protecting Email/Web browsing!

Think this is crazy?

Ransomware, Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Ransomware attacks double, cities frequent, soft targets - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, the Cyber24's expert panel talks about why state and local government targets are irresistible to hackers, why paying the ransom only makes the problem worse and what...


Rash of ransomware continues with 13 new victims—most of them schools - from Ars Technica

Elsewhere, dentists get in on the fun and Baltimore raids parks money to pay for repairs.


Mysterious iOS Attack Changes Everything We Know About iPhone Hacking - From Wired

For two years, a handful of websites have indiscriminately hacked thousands of iPhones.


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Microsoft: Using multi-factor authentication blocks 99.9% of account hacks - From ZDNet

Microsoft cloud services are seeing 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts every day. MFA can help protect accounts against many types of account takeover attacks.

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Ransomware breakout in Texas - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, Cyber24's expert panel discusses what happened in Texas, why a coordinate attack is particularly alarming and what your organization should do to both make the most of the...

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'Coordinated Ransomware Attack' in Texas Hits 23 Local Governments - from BLEEPINGCOMPUTER

"The continued scourge of ransomware attacks targeting municipalities across the United States continues.  This time, 23 confirmed attacks reported last week by entities in Texas.  VLCM recommends...

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Cyber hacks on schools lead to a state of emergency - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast

Across the country, parents are busy with back-to-school shopping while kids are squeezing every minute of rest and relaxation they can out of the final weeks of summer vacation. As schools prepare...


Cyberattack Hits Louisiana School Districts, Governor Declares State of Emergency - from DevPro Journal

From VLCM Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Dan Schuyler,


Nearly all Android smartphones 'can be hacked via Wi-Fi' - From TechRadar

Researchers uncover flaw in Qualcomm Snapdragon devices

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What (or who)’s in your wallet? - Cyber24 Podcast

After taking the summer off, we are delighted to announce that the Cyber24 Podcast is back on the air! The podcast kicked off season three today and is available to stream right away. 

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