Everything You Need to Know About Veeam's Latest Cybersecurity Update [Infographic]

At VLCM, we are always eager to share breakthroughs in cybersecurity that have the potential to revolutionize how businesses protect their vital data. This month, Veeam released general availability of the new Veeam Data Platform 23H2 update. This latest release is 100% cybersecurity-based, focusing on achieving radical resilience to give your enterprise complete confidence in your protection, response, and recovery. "This latest release, says Danny Allan, CTO and Veeam, "provides the shortest gap between cyber incidents and recovery, arming our customers with radical resilience to keep their business running and moving forward.”

What's grabbing our attention? Key features like AI-powered malware detection, integrations with your cyber-tools, and zero-trust architecture. Take a look at our infographic for a list of the most stand-out features from this security-forward update. Let's explore how this update can bring real change into your daily cybersecurity efforts.