The economic benefits of cloud-managed networking with Aruba Central

aruba-central-block-2IT teams are under increasing pressure to manage complex networks while ensuring business agility, operational efficiency, and security. According to a research study by Tech Target's Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), customers report the lack of integrated security, the complexity of the environment, and lack of automation as top networking challenges.


To address these challenges, networking teams are turning to cloud-managed networking solutions like Aruba Central. Here are some of the benefits of Aruba Central, an AI-powered, cloud-native network management solution that provides a single point of visibility and control for wireless, wired, WAN, and remote network infrastructure.


7 Benefits of Aruba Central


  1. Lower cost of network administration by up to 67%

According to an Economic Validation study by ESG, Aruba Central can lower the cost of network administration by up to 67%. This includes:

  • 48% less time deploying, onboarding, and configuring new network devices
  • 69% less time on daily administration with multiple tools and tabs, monitoring and reporting, and identification and remediation of issues
  • 62% less time performing controller, appliance, and AP management, maintenance, and upgrades
  • 95% less time identifying, categorizing, and securing new devices on the network


  1. Lower cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 40%

The total administrative savings can be further broken down into a 40% lower total cost of ownership. This includes the cost of network administration, employee productivity, network downtime, acquiring and operating additional hardware, and licenses.


  1. Enhanced business agility

Aruba Central enables IT teams to quickly deploy, configure, and manage network infrastructure from a single console, reducing the time it takes to provision new services and applications. This translates to enhanced business agility and faster time-to-market.


  1. Improved operational efficiency

Aruba Central automates network tasks, such as configuration changes and firmware upgrades, and orchestrates workflows across multiple devices, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. Aruba Central also includes powerful analytics and reporting tools that give IT teams insights into network performance, security, and usage, enabling them to troubleshoot issues and optimize the network for peak performance.


  1. Reduced risk

Aruba Central includes built-in security features, such as role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, and encryption, to protect network infrastructure from threats. Aruba Central also integrates with other Aruba products, such as Aruba ClearPass for network access control and Aruba IntroSpect for network security analytics, to provide comprehensive security coverage.


  1. Open APIs and Webhooks

Aruba Central provides open APIs and webhooks to enable IT teams to integrate with other tools and platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS for cloud-based infrastructure and application management, ServiceNow for creating IT tickets, and Ansible for orchestrating configuration changes across hundreds of network devices.


  1. Flexible Consumption

Aruba Central offers flexible consumption options, including subscription-based pricing, pay-as-you-go, and consumption-based models, to meet the specific needs of businesses and service providers.


In addition to the benefits outlined above, Aruba Central also provides a unified view of network infrastructure across multiple locations, including branch, campus, remote, and data center networks. This simplifies network management and reduces the complexity of IT operations.


Furthermore, Aruba Central enables IT teams to proactively identify and resolve network issues before they impact business operations, thanks to its powerful analytics and reporting tools. This helps reduce network downtime and improves overall network performance.


Aruba Central also offers a high level of scalability, allowing businesses to easily add new devices and locations to their network as they grow. This ensures that their network management solution can grow with their business and adapt to changing network requirements.


In summary, Aruba Central offers numerous benefits that can help businesses simplify network management, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance network security. With its powerful features and flexible consumption options, Aruba Central is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to optimize their network performance and deliver a superior user experience.


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