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We live in a consumption-driven world. To be more competitive and deliver better outcomes faster, more reliably, and more economically, you need to find better ways to consume IT. Line-of-business leaders expect IT to constantly evolve to meet ever-changing demands. They’re looking for rapid access to agile and scalable resources with full control and a transparent utility model that allows them to pay only for what they use. 


Staying ahead of the competition and taking advantage of new opportunities require that you transform your operations. This requires investing in technologies that offer usage choices, flexible consumption, rapid innovation, and specific user outcomes, along with full control over your applications and data. 


According to IDC, the acquisition of IT resources is undergoing a massive transformation—one you can’t afford to ignore. 


“By 2020, consumption-based procurement in data centers will have eclipsed traditional procurement through improved ‘as a service’ models, accounting for as much as 40% of enterprises’ IT infrastructure spending.”1


Your demand for agility and speed, to drive competitive advantage, can only be realized if you find a new way to deliver the experience, flexibility, control, and transparency your organization needs as an IT utility—or pay-per-use on-premises—model. That’s why HPE Pointnext, the services organization of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, is revolutionizing the industry by offering on-demand, consumption-based IT to support your critical business functions.


Sound complicated? Let us show you how it doesn’t have to be. 


Getting to know consumption-based IT


At the basic level, consumption-based IT is all about delivering IT infrastructure resources on-premises in a fluid, unrestricted, and optimal way that simplifies IT operations. It incorporates activities such as capacity management, metering, resource planning, patch management, and hardware and software support, delivering these packaged as a service—for ease of acquisition and operations—on a pay-per-use basis. 


Instead of building your IT infrastructure from the ground up, consumption-based IT allows you to increase control, accelerate time to value, improve economics, and simplify operations through an IT-as-a-service model. It can enable you to


  • Start new, innovative projects without incurring upfront infrastructure costs
  • Accelerate time to value by enabling elastic IT to deploy and scale infrastructure 
  • Eliminate lengthy purchasing cycles that impact your ability to quickly respond to market trends and competitive initiatives
  • Simplify business justifications by significantly improving return on investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) accounting calculations
  • Minimize the threat of shadow IT by supplying on-premises infrastructure with public cloud capabilities
  • Increase transparency of usage and costs to improve business management
  • Maintain control so you can ensure security and compliance with on-premises deployment


On-premises, consumption-based IT introduces a new usage-based service paradigm that simplifies the acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of IT—legacy functions, core IT, private cloud, and agile cloud-native IT—into a new, agile model not available until now. 




Building on the leadership and success since 2010, of consuming infrastructure with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, HPE is responding to the market need with the next step in consumption—a suite of complete workload solutions designed, implemented, and operated for you. HPE GreenLake really is the best of both worlds. HPE does the IT heavy lifting, and you get a cloud-like, pay-per-use environment, maintaining full control of your apps and data in your own environment with


  • Rapid onboarding
  • No capital outlay
  • The solution designed and integrated
  • Elastic IT that evolves ahead of your needs


HPE GreenLake workload solutions: complete and curated


Delivering the flexibility of public cloud, but on-premises and under your control, HPE GreenLake is designed to give you exactly what you need and when you need it. It’s made up of a catalog of complete, curated workload solutions (such as open-source Oracle compatible database, real-time analytics, Big Data, or operational tasks like backup) delivering IT outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise in a simple, pay-per-use model.


Included in each outcome-driven workload solution are the following:


  • Advisory and Professional Services from HPE Pointnext to help you quickly define, deploy, and integrate your solution, as well as provide HPE recommendations for continual optimization of systems and processes.
  • Purpose-built reference architectures built on the latest modern technologies (hardware and software) and optimized for each workload solution, to help deliver results quickly. 
  • HPE’s proven pay-per-use, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity model allows you to consume a wide range of infrastructure from HPE using a unique business metric designed to manage the lifecycle evolution of the solution.
  • Remote monitoring and management of the solution, offloading routine infrastructure management tasks from your IT department, and providing both skills and knowledge of the new technologies from day one.
  • Enterprise-grade support along with an HPE Digital Learning subscription for e-learning content providing the digital skills needed for IT to do its best work.

Consume infrastructure of your choice 

Alternatively, choose your technology and operating experience, with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity—a service from HPE Pointnext, that brings on-premises infrastructure consumption to customers today. With variable payments based on actual metered usage, rapid scalability using an on-site buffer of extra capacity, and enterprise-grade support, it brings a cloud-like experience for infrastructure on-premises. 




Whether you need composable infrastructure, virtual machine (VM) vending, general compute, or storage, or high-performance computing (HPC), make use of modern technology from HPE such as HPE Synergy, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Apollo, HPE 3PAR, and HPE networking. Leverage consumption platforms for Docker Containers, Microsoft® Azure Stack, or Hybrid HPC. Design your infrastructure solution and consume it with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, supported and operated the way that you need.


Delivering outcomes to meet expectations

Leveraging a wide range of robust products, HPE GreenLake is designed to deliver the business outcomes you need. As a suite of complete, consumption-based IT solutions—designed, delivered, and operated by HPE Pointnext—with a simple, pay-per-use financial model, HPE GreenLake solutions offer:

  • Faster time-to-value: Deploy a complete functional solution—designed, implemented, and operated by HPE—that scales ahead of demand based on your forecasted needs. 
  • Better IT economics: Pay only for what you use based on a business-oriented metric for true, consumption-based IT.
  • Simplified IT experience: Only one partner for end-to-end optimization, operations, and support of your business-critical solutions provides peace of mind.
  • Proper control: Each solution is delivered from your on-premises IT environment to enable full control of both the user experience and the way you meet your compliance and privacy needs. 


Taking advantage of HPE GreenLake helps enable you to accelerate time to value, align IT economics with business priorities, and simplify IT operations, all within your control by operating on-premises, but without the overhead of learning and maintaining new technologies.


“Working with a data center services partner who takes responsibility for deploying and managing enterprise data center infrastructure, businesses can achieve an efficient, cost-effective model for IT resource utilization, one in which infrastructure is available and deployed as needed (consumption-based). Such a model increases efficiency and reduces costs, without compromising scalability, availability, or security.” – Don’t Settle for Two-Tiered IT: Introduce Cloud-Like Benefits into your Company Data Center with Consumption-Based Services, Frost & Sullivan, 2017


Choose the right partner for consumption-based IT 

Consumption-based IT goes beyond just the infrastructure. It includes the additional workload solutions you need to deliver a broader experience to the business—faster. That’s why you need to choose the right partner. 


HPE is leading in consumption-based IT, with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity as its foundation. Built on industry-leading innovation, launched more than eight years ago, operating globally for 5 years, with hundreds of customers and over $2 billion in value, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity gives you hardware capacity ahead of demand with transparent, pay-per-use pricing. This also includes expansion into the public cloud to handle unexpected growth or usage spikes. 


And as the next step in a long line of innovation, HPE GreenLake allows you to simply choose the outcome you want, and HPE Pointnext will do the rest—all under a single, pay-per-use model.


Become the disruptor—powered by HPE GreenLake 

Now, you no longer have to choose between public cloud and on-premises IT. You can have the benefits of both—delivering what your business needs before they need it while maintaining full control and security within your own data center. Also, to quickly reap the benefits you’re looking for, all you have to do is partner with a leader in consumption-based IT! 


Leveraging a wide range of robust products, HPE GreenLake includes global expertise in delivering business-critical solutions, innovative financing, and worldwide enterprise-grade support using advanced remote infrastructure management capabilities. And to help you get up to speed faster, each solution includes an HPE Digital Learning subscription for e-learning content, to bring new skills to IT as needed. 


To find out more about HPE GreenLake and what it can do for your business, visit vlcm.com/hpe-greenlake or get in touch with one of VLCM’s GreenLake representatives to accelerate your HPE GreenLake experience.


1 “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Datacenter 2018 Predictions,” Doc # US43152417, November 2017

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