4 Ways VDI Can Improve Your Business


Business continuity used to be all about protecting data and being able to restore it quickly. Of course, that’s still incredibly important. But it’s become clear that business continuity plans also need to include strategies for keeping employees productive throughout a disruption. After all, if your apps and data are safe and available in the office, that doesn’t do you much good if employees need to work remotely.


Employees also want to be able to work from anywhere for multiple reasons. It not only adds to their quality of life but also helps them be more productive when they can’t get to the office—whatever the reason.


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that can help enhance productivity by granting employees secure remote access to files and applications—even highly confidential or classified information—so they can use their preferred device to log into the server at the main office and work from anywhere. 


With VDI, you can improve your business with features like:


1. Ease of access

With VDI, you can enable secure remote work with access to desktops from anywhere. The user only needs a display, input devices like a keyboard and mouse, and any compatible device that can make the connection to the VDI solution.


2. Less administrative overhead

Decrease desktop management and support costs, with optimized facilities, utilization, and 50% lower cost per virtual desktop. With VDI, remote workers can be managed using a single interface.


3. Consistent data security

Get greater security and back up all data centrally and regularly. Because you are performing processing on an on-premises server, your data can stay secure and confidential. 


4. Productivity across all work types and locations

Implementing a hybrid approach keeps employees at the center of your workplace, enabling a frictionless experience across workspaces - bringing people and technology together to unleash productivity and potential, regardless of physical location.


So now that you’ve learned the benefits of what VDI can do for your business, what’s next? 


Our engineers here at VLCM highly recommend looking into HPE’s VDI platform portfolio. HPE can help you understand how to implement a solution that can help drive remote workforce productivity while increasing your security and business continuity and helping you increase efficiencies—especially for IT staff supporting desktop environments. HPE also offers a broad portfolio of solutions with a robust partner ecosystem and flexible consumption and financing options to help you find the optimal solution for your transformation.


With HPE, your VDI solution can be strengthened with:


1. Enhanced Security

HPE Solutions for VDI provide greater security because employees aren’t carrying around confidential data on a device that could easily be lost, stolen, or tampered with, and because data is backed up centrally and regularly in the data center or cloud. The data is also delivered to employees as pixels on a screen, not data that could be compromised. VDI allows customers to build secure perimeters around applications.

2. Reduced costs

HPE Solutions for VDI decrease desktop management and support costs and help reduce the time it takes to provision new desktops. Virtual desktops can help reduce IT labor costs, which are a significant portion of the total cost of ownership (TCO). HPE offers a variety of financial and asset lifecycle solutions that customers can leverage to support the needs of today and position them for future success. In addition, flexible consumption models offered through HPE GreenLake enables customers to pay for VDI with predictable as‑a‑service payments.


3. Simplified management

HPE Solutions for VDI eliminate the need to install, update, and patch applications, back up files, and scan for viruses on individual client devices, because everything is centrally managed, stored, and secured.


4. Increased productivity

HPE Solutions for VDI enable employees to access applications and data from anywhere at any time. They also enable IT to centrally manage and install new software and software updates, which increases the productivity of IT along with all other employees.


Our strong Platinum Partnership with HPE enables us to deliver high-quality expertise and experience to our customers, and can help you find the best-fit VDI solution for your business needs. 


Want to learn more? Watch our HPE Workload Solutions: VDI on-demand webinar to hear from VLCM and HPE engineers on how to start your VDI journey. For your convenience, you can watch the webinar in snippets or in full at www.vlcm.com/hpe-vdi.