How to break free of hardware lifecycle management


As we enter the second half of 2022, we’re seeing many organizations emerge out of the pandemic fog only to face the inevitable heavy price tag of a compute refresh.

For some, the budget isn’t there to support a refresh (moving to remote/hybrid work was expensive), for others, we’re seeing IT teams overwhelmed in keeping up with their hardware lifecycle on top of their daily IT tasks. 

Here at VLCM, it is our mission to take care of our customers so they can have a happy life at work and at home. A key part of that mission is to have our IT community home in time for dinner. From fighting off cybersecurity threats, keeping up with remote work challenges, and the ever-increasing priority across several IT projects, we’ve found hardware refreshes often get pushed to the side or become an over-time burden for many of our customers.

So instead of fighting to refresh your hardware every five years, we offer you an alternative solution aimed to ease expenses, increase efficiency and agility, and ultimately simplify IT by offloading the heavy lifting of managing your infrastructure. 

Meet HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience (self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down and managed for you) to apps and data everywhere, in edges, colocations, and data centers. Customers use GreenLake to free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility, and free up talent to accelerate what’s next. 

What that means is you can get the compute infrastructure you need delivered to your location in as little as 14 days with HPE GreenLake. You can power any workload—such as mission-critical apps, back-office operations, or DevOps environments—with infrastructure that meets your business requirements. Plus, it’s managed for you, which reduces complexity for IT staff. 

With HPE GreenLake, you can avoid up-front capital costs—you only pay for the capacity actually consumed above a reserve. In addition, GreenLake installs a buffer, enabling lines of business and developers to scale resources on-demand on a pay-per-use basis. By using HPE GreenLake for on-premises compute needs, companies can finally achieve benefits—scalability, cost efficiencies, agility, speed, and reduced complexity—once associated only with the public cloud. 

TLDR: HPE GreenLake enables businesses to power their workloads at a lower cost and pay for only what they actually use.


HPE GreenLake for compute


For those on the edge (or past the edge) of a compute refresh, consider HPE GreenLake to help you gain speed and flexibility for your compute infrastructure on-premises. The solution features a range of purpose-built ways to run your “bare metal” workloads, ready to scale up or down, delivered on a pay-per-use basis, and operated for YOU. 

With modular building blocks, you can order, receive, and implement your compute resources fast, and grow capacity ahead of demand. This solution beats the competition because HPE leads the market in consumption-based solutions and has the ecosystem to incorporate the key vendors that your business depends on.

This means that you can move your IT forward, with choice, flexibility, and control.

Key benefits of using HPE GreenLake

Adapted from The Total Economic Impact™ Of HPE GreenLake: Cost Savings And Business Benefits With HPE GreenLake, a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study.

  • Shortened time-to-market of deployed IT projects by 80%. Interviewees noted that HPE GreenLake enabled them to quickly right-size capacity and accelerate their response to business demands. Their organizations could maintain a metered capacity buffer to quickly deploy infrastructure, without costly up-front capital expenditures and lengthy procurement processes. For the composite organization, this amounted to $21.1 million over three years.
  • Achieved operational savings of 65%. Interviewed decision-makers said their organizations used their HPE GreenLake investment as a catalyst to simplify and consolidate their infrastructure footprints. With HPE GreenLake, organizations kept pace with current technology, ensuring that they were using the most up to date and efficient solutions. Additionally, by simplifying their stack under a single vendor, organizations could eliminate ancillary support spend for other hardware and software solutions. With this benefit, the composite organization saw a benefit of $3.3 million.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for infrastructure by 45%. HPE GreenLake enabled interviewees’ organizations to avoid overprovisioning on infrastructure and eliminate expenses for technology refreshes, especially as infrastructure requirements continue to evolve. With HPE GreenLake, these organizations had access to modern, more powerful technology and scaled their usage up or down as required by their business needs. This benefit was worth $7.1 million for the composite organization.
  • Improved IT resource efficiency by 60%. With HPE GreenLake supporting organizational choices of on-premises infrastructure and data center management tasks (including support, administration, and capacity planning), the interviewees’ organizations reallocated internal IT resources to more strategic business initiatives. For the composite organization, this benefit was worth $2.3 million. “HPE GreenLake gives us more transparency and more flexibility.” — Head of engineering computing services, manufacturing 
  • Reduced back-office costs by 15%. The interviewed decision-makers said that simplified planning, billing, and budgeting reduced the burden on their organizations’ related back-office teams — including professionals across finance, procurement, and IT. This benefit amounted to about $531,600 for the composite organization. 

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HPE GreenLake can be ulitized across 18 different cloud services, including compute, storage, networking, VDI and more. Get a jumpstart on your HPE GreenLake journey by visiting or by getting in touch with your VLCM representative.