Why IT Teams Love HPE’s Always-On, Always-Fast Nimble Storage




Businesses in every sector are increasingly reliant on applications to handle everything from back-end operations to the delivery of new products, services, and customer experiences. That is why infrastructure system availability and the elimination of unplanned downtime are more important than ever before.


For far too long, superior storage availability has only been possible through expensive, on-site service contracts on excessively redundant hardware models. 


Since its founding, HPE Nimble Storage has been on the ambitious mission to break the mold and not only build better availability into their products but also enable continuous improvement over time.


Forget all that time wasted managing storage and fighting fires. HPE Nimble Storage delivers over six nines (99.999928%) of measured availability across its entire installed base. This translates to an impact of less than 25 seconds annually.


HPE Nimble Storage reimagines the storage experience with an intelligent, self-managing storage platform that unlocks IT agility, ensures apps are always-on and always-fast, delivers the cloud experience everywhere and is consumable as a service. HPE Nimble Storage makes it easy to accelerate innovation without worrying about your storage. With HPE Nimble, you get:


Intelligent Storage

HPE Nimble Storage transforms operations with artificial intelligence that predicts and prevents disruptions and self-optimizes application performance and resource management.


Effortless Management

HPE Nimble Storage radically simplifies all aspects of the storage lifecycle from install to provisioning, ongoing operations and support, and upgrades. HPE Nimble Storage eliminates knobs and trade-offs and makes it easy for any IT generalist to manage storage.


Storage That's Timeless

HPE Nimble Storage offers a unique ownership experience with a future-proofed investment that never gets old. Get a non-disruptive controller refresh, flat support pricing, all-inclusive software, and storage guarantees for data reduction and 6-Nines availability.


All together, HPE Nimble Storage is built to ease IT burden - not only with heavily reduced fire-fighting, but also on the budget. 


To learn more about how HPE Nimble Storage works, watch the below Chalk Talk where In this latest Storage Godfather Calvin Zito answers the question "What's the big deal with HPE Nimble Storage". You'll learn about the overall solution it offers and the benefits for mission-critical environments.



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