Connect and secure local government starts with this AI-powered tool

Explore advanced network and security solutions for today and tomorrow’s hybrid demands.


State and local governments are under increasing pressure to connect their workers and their citizens to critical services in new and innovative ways. Everyone wants life to be easier and to feel safe and secure. This means services must be flexible, fast, and cost-effective, including but not limited to:

  • Digital touch-point services such as online payment platforms and other automated transactional processes
  • Community and worker advantages such as accessible public outdoor wifi for students and families
  • Flexible workspaces including work from home for staff 
  • Improving collaboration with other agencies by expanding workforce management tools. 
  • Leveraging location analytics to support social distancing and contact tracing
  • Keeping a city safe and functional including IoT-enabled use cases for monitoring traffic,  video surveillance, streetlights, infrastructure controls, and regulating grid and water networks. 


All of this and more is made possible at the network Edge: the place where people, technology, and data come together to create smart digital environments. The Edge allows you to:

  • Use real-time data to inform state, municipal, or county entities
  • Revive business
  • Experience centralized management for optimal operations
  • Be agile and adopt new technology as demands change


Given the importance of capitalizing on the opportunities at the Edge, it’s critical for state and local entities to ensure they have the right network foundation. They need to prepare their IT infrastructure for the next big technology transition while ensuring they can quickly respond to the need for business continuity and resiliency in the face of unplanned events. Aruba Network’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) can help state and local entities do exactly that. It’s the industry’s first AI-powered network designed to unify, secure, and automate at the Edge to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. Aruba ESP combines AI-Ops, Zero Trust Security, and a Unified Infrastructure with financial and consumption flexibility to help IT: 

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly, preempting problems before they impact the business.
  • Protect against advanced threats from a vanishing security perimeter.
  • Monitor and manage thousands of wired, wireless and WAN devices across campus, branch, data center, or remote worker locations.
  • Quickly deploy network services at scale to support changing business needs.
  • Allow continued infrastructure investment in the face of uncertain financial challenges.


Aruba ESP brings a unified infrastructure to not only improve worker productivity but to drive down operational costs. By bringing management and devices under a single platform, you can achieve Zero-Trust security to ensure every connected device is operating within its approved role - including separating classified and unclassified data.


Aruba ESP’s buit-in AI-OPs reveal and resolve issues before they impact workers or before citizens even notice there’s a problem. 

Once you master the edge, you can consistently deliver better experiences for citizens, businesses, and other government entities, all while adapting to the evolving demands of state and local governments.


Through VLCM’s Platinum partnership with Aruba Networks, we can help you accelerate your digital transformation, offer smarter services, open up access, and reduce friction for your constituents and employees. Aruba’s Edge Services Platform helps with innovative, reliable, and secure networking that will help you meet the demands of today, and the future. Learn more about what VLCM and Aruba can do for state and local government by visiting