How to Choose a Shredding Company That Fits Your Needs


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When you are looking for a shredding service company, it’s best to check several factors, including the locality and security compliance.


1.  Is the Shredding Company Local?

You want a shredding service provider who is local to you. They have a vested interest in the local community, including the businesses in the community, and the cost is usually lower since the travel time is minimal. And, with a local shredding company, you can choose to drop documents off at their office if you don’t shred enough documents to warrant a regular pickup schedule.

VLCM is local, and it’s a family-owned IT services company that services Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.


2.  Is the Company NAID Compliant?

VLCM is NAID Compliant. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is an international organization and a division of the International Secure Information Governance and Management Association (I-SIGMA).

NAID ensures that shredding companies follow specific guidelines for dealing with confidential documents.

The organization also certifies that companies have the knowledge and expertise to handle sensitive information, whether it is on paper or electronic media. NAID also ensures that companies follow laws regarding confidential information.


3.  One-Time Purge or Scheduled Shredding?

Do you need a one-time purge or a scheduled shredding service? We can help you determine that if you own a company and how often service is needed. Small businesses usually just need to purge their files once or twice a year.

When you have a lot of documents and media with confidential information, you might need to set up a  shredding service schedule. VLCM can come out once per month or even once every two or three months, depending on the number of documents you need shredded.

While you are waiting for our scheduled time, you simply put documents you need shredded into a locked shred bin. We’ll pick up the shred bins and take them out to our truck in your parking lot, shred the documents and return the bins to be filled again.


4.  Does VLCM Recycle Paper Waste?

Yes. Once we shred the documents, we securely deliver them to a local paper recycling plant. About 93 percent of the shredded documents get turned into tissue products, such as paper towels.

The process we use to shred documents and deliver them to a recycling plant is safe and secure. Your documents are mixed with documents from other companies before being delivered to the recycling plant.


5.  Does VLCM Document Technology Solutions Have a Great Reputation?

We have a 4.9 Star Rating on Google. Reviewers said:

  • Great organization with heaps of useful information available. Fantastic seminar offerings covering a variety of topics and all available as recordings. They've been super responsive to the changes brought about with covid-19.
  • I was surprised to see how quickly they got back to me and how professional they were. They definitely treat you like family.
  • Have been working with VLCM for almost 20 years. Always professional and have saved my bacon more than once.


Contact VLCM for shredding services

If you would like to set up a shredding schedule, contact VLCM Document Solutions Technology at 801-214-9861 for more information.