How To Simplify and Secure Your Data Protection Strategy with HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery

As global threats to data become more serious, modernization efforts are pushing data in many forms into a bewildering array of silos and novel hosting environments, from edge to cloud. This complexity has made enterprise data even more vulnerable to attack by highly sophisticated hackers waging technological warfare.

Companies cannot afford to maintain the status quo when it comes to data protection across tens of thousands of devices and locations, including the cloud. To meet the challenge of constantly changing data use and locations, HPE and Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Company, help you unify data security and protection efforts across your IT systems, providing the same high level of cybersecurity practices at every point with HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery.


Simplify Hybrid Cloud Protection

HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery addresses IT complexity and security risks through a single cloud console that manages all your backup and recovery options. It seamlessly manages backups and recovery for diverse workloads, including:

  • On-premises VMware VMs
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Cloud-native workloads such as Amazon EBS, EC2, EKS, and RDS 
This solution enables rapid data restoration to just seconds before a disruption, enhancing resilience against cyberattacks. 


5 Reasons Why VLCM Recommends HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery

  1. The solution is secure by design

    1. Backups are encrypted with the added security of configurable backup data immutability and dual authorization to prevent threats from ransomware and malware. Data can be stored outside the production environment in an air-gap manner so that hackers cannot compromise backup copies.
  2. An intuitive, extremely easy-to-use cloud platform

    1. Protect your on-premises and cloud-native workloads without the complexity of managing backup infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud – no additional backup hardware or software is needed to operate, and the cloud storage is fully managed and scaled by the service. You can easily manage all the backup and recovery operations from any device and location.
  3. It’s highly efficient

    1. HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery provides super-efficient backup capacity utilization with source-side deduplication, delivering up to 8x better storage efficiency relative to other vendors' similar offerings.
  4. Gain peace of mind with transparent and predictable pricing

    1. HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery can be purchased upfront or paid monthly in arrears. If you choose in-arrears payment, this can be on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum commitment, or you can commit to monthly consumption to benefit from lower unit prices.
  5. Say goodbye to data silos

    1. With this solution powered by the HPE GreenLake platform, IT teams can enjoy a complete data management solution for processing, storing, connecting, and safeguarding their data.

For enterprises aiming to minimize complexity and close ransomware gaps, HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery is a forward-thinking solution that IT teams should consider. Its user-friendly platform and built-in ransomware defenses are key considerations for modernizing your data protection strategies. This solution ensures rapid data recovery to a reliable state before disruptions, aligning with your organization's service level commitments, whether facing accidental deletions, infrastructure outages, or cyberattacks.

Because HPE GreenLake can be deployed in minutes, ask your VLCM Rep for a 90-day free evaluation so you can experience the solution's benefits yourself.

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