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If you had to guess, what proportion of major data breaches would you say started with a phishing attack? 50%? 80%? Data shows that around 95% of attacks start with a phishing campaign. It’s not especially hard to see why this is: software can be patched and detection systems can be improved, but you can’t patch or reprogram people to be aware of cyber threats in the same way you can a computer. Hackers, then, are often targeting the human element of a system to gain access.

So, as the question has always been, how can we do our best to manage threats within imperfect organizations? Karl Sigler, of Trustwave SpiderLabs, says obviously—but somewhat refreshingly—that although methods and programs and hackers become more advanced, the advice is still essentially the same. Tune in to Cyber 24 Episode 177 to hear Sigler detail his core ideas of cybersecurity constants.
Speaking of evolving cyberattack methods, Sigler explores an effective tactic on the rise known as HTML smuggling. Many know that clicking on an attachment in an unexpected or suspicious email is a bad idea, and they have become familiar with phishermen trying to get them to click on a .exe file. Recently, bad actors have begun “smuggling” these payloads in phishing emails through HTML files. These files can be designed to duck under many email security measures and then run code once they’ve been clicked on. Sigler dives deeper into these types of attacks on this week’s podcast.


Episode 177: HTML Malware


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