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Online Brand Protection- New Cyber24 Podcast

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Say, hypothetically, that an internet user is lured into a scam by someone illicitly using a company’s brand or logo. Who bears the responsibility? Obviously, the person perpetuating the scam, but Allure CEO Josh Shaul suggests that the company whose brand was used also bears some responsibility. It is their logo, after all, and perhaps they should be enforcing its proper use. At the very least, scams using a certain brand to attract victims will damage the image of that brand.

Of course, like many good internet ideas, monitoring the entire web to catch people using a certain logo is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are modern tools, programs, and AI that can help with this. Listen to Cyber24 as Shaul explores some of the strategies businesses and agencies can use to protect themselves and their customers.

Most online brand protection strategies involve two parts: detection and response. Shaul explains specific techniques companies can use to accomplish detection and response, including what new technology is available, how to combat scammers using hard-to-trace domain names, and how to set up an online presence that is conducive to both detection and response.



Episode 169: Safety For Payment Platforms


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