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Built-in security for K-12 devices makes protecting schools easy for IT


IT professionals within the education industry are often strapped for time and resources. Between ensuring network uptime, repairing end-user devices, and connecting the classroom to remote students, training staff and students to look out for cybersecurity threats such as phishing more than often falls to the wayside.


To avoid cyberattacks, including phishing and ransomware, VLCM recommends HP Wolf Pro Security to help IT in education overcome cybersecurity challenges. HP Wolf Pro Security (WPS)  is a simple solution that delivers maximum security coverage without increasing IT’s workload or disrupting faculty and student productivity. 


Simple security that’s easy to deploy and operate 

HP WPS is a full-suite endpoint security solution built with simplicity in mind. It includes consistent and simple policy management, effortless solution maintenance, and ongoing alert management, making it easy to deploy and manage. 


  • The cloud-based management, known as the HP Wolf Security Controller1, offers a central command center for managing the security and health of the educational institution’s entire fleet of PCs, giving admins the ability to adjust security policies and review threat insights from anywhere. 
  • Pre-configured “out-of-the-box” policies enable speedy deployment, are easy to understand, and simplifies ongoing management of high-volume environments. 
  • Real-time security alerts make end-users aware of malicious activity, giving them notice only when their attention is needed and making it easy to identify suspicious activity on the PC. 


Protect faculty and students without slowing them down 

Faculty and students are not security experts, and expecting them to be always “on the alert” to spot social engineering attacks is unrealistic. Security measures that impede academics from doing research and connecting to subject matter experts or faculty in other academic facilities will not be acceptable. 


HP WPS provides comprehensive endpoint security that protects PC users, giving faculty and students a positive user experience, resulting in improved productivity while still working to keep their data, passwords, and systems safe. 

  • Faculty and students can work without worry with a security solution that works behind the scenes, without impeding their day-to-day tasks.
  • Faculty and students can stop acting as “security sensors” and open attachments and links with confidence, knowing that HP WPS uses threat containment technology to isolate threats. 
  • Faculty and students can work securely from anywhere with threat containment technology that works even when the PC is disconnected from the Internet, ensuring always-on protection.


Trustworthy protection that’s proven in the wild 

HP WPS uses security technology that’s been proven to successfully protect HP customers. PCs with HP’s Wolf Security technology have opened over 18 billion email attachments, web pages, and downloads without a reported compromise. 


HP WPS includes three capabilities, all managed via the Wolf Security Controller.


  • Hardware-enforced threat containment2 isolates and contains malware attacks via social engineering or other methods, preventing it from infecting the PC, or anything else on the network. 
  • Anti-phishing credential protection prevents credential theft by blocking phishing attacks attempting to trick users into entering their passwords on fake websites. 
  • Next-generation antivirus detects emerging threats with deep learning AI, in addition to stopping known malware. Hardware-enforced isolation defeats social engineering attacks.


The benefits of a simple security solution designed for ease of use and employee productivity 

HP Wolf Pro Security is well-suited for educational institutions seeking to focus IT support investment and staff on maximizing user experience and productivity. By replacing traditional antivirus with HP WPS, the organization is better protected, reducing the need for expert security staff to resolve unexpected security issues, freeing up resources to focus on providing a better education. 


  • Simplified deployment effort with no additional on-premise infrastructure
  • Easy, centralized ongoing maintenance
  • Reduced risk with a prevention-first approach to endpoint security, including real-time AI protection and zero-trust, hardware-enforced isolation
  • Lower costs to maximize security and value for faculty and students


Special HP Wolf Pro Security offering for educational institutions 

HP Wolf Pro Security software (term license)3 is available for educational institutions providing a simple security solution that enables faculty and students the freedom to access files and websites while being protected from malware. It is also available for non-HP PCs giving you greater flexibility to deploy enterprise-grade security on the device of your choice. With HP WPS for Education, schools gain maximum value at a lower price point for faculty and student use.


1 HP Wolf Pro Security Controller access may have a minimum requirement. 

2 Supported browsers for Threat Containment include the following browsers for Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Chromium. Supported attachments include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF files, when Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat are installed. 

3 HP Wolf Pro Security is available in one and three year term licenses from authorized HP channel partners. At the end of the Initial Term, you may purchase a renewal license for HP Wolf Pro Security from an HP Channel Partner. See https://www.hpwolf.com/terms-and-conditions/ for complete Terms of Service.

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