VLCM Honored as Barracuda Discover23 Americas Marketing Partner of the Year

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 28, 2023 — VLCM, a front-runner in the provision of comprehensive cybersecurity and IT solutions, is thrilled to announce its recognition as the “Marketing Partner of the Year” at the inaugural Barracuda Discover23 Americas Partner Summit. This award is a testament to VLCM's unwavering commitment to enhancing the success of its relationship with Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-first security solutions. Together VLCM and Barracuda can deliver industry-leading services to their customers that solve complex cybersecurity issues.


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This accolade was received during an award ceremony at the iconic Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, in Denver, Colorado. It represents a significant milestone for the organization, spotlighting the remarkable work carried out by the marketing team under the leadership of the VP of Marketing, Darci Piz.


"We are deeply honored by this recognition from Barracuda," said Darci Piz. "It's a true testament to our team's hard work, dedication, and innovative marketing strategies. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Barracuda to further our mutual goals and help our customers stay ahead of the industry trends."


Highlighting Darci Piz's pivotal role in securing this award, Michael Linton, VLCM's CEO, said, “Darci has been instrumental in VLCM’s growth and success. Her ability to understand the market, foresee opportunities, and create impactful marketing strategies has positioned VLCM as a leading technology company. What sets her apart is how she manages to balance her high performance with a people-first approach. She has led several successful campaigns that have significantly increased our ability to connect with our customers and help them achieve their technology goals.”


vlcm barracuda marketing partner of the year


This year, Barracuda celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Discover23 Partner Summit. The event brought together 150 key partners, providing a platform for participants to better understand how to stay ahead of the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape and how best to protect customers. VLCM's recognition at this summit underscores its marketing prowess and commitment to Barracuda solutions.


Barracuda VP of worldwide partner ecosystems, Jason Beal stated, “VLCM is a long-standing, valued reseller of Barracuda that has always demonstrated strong alignment and growth with our teams. We are excited to recognize the VLCM team for constantly creating impactful marketing events and campaigns that drive customer and prospect engagement and pipeline.”


Maria Martinez, VP of Americas Channels said, “VLCM has consistently showcased remarkable synergy and advancement in its depth of Barracuda product knowledge and opportunity. Through this award, we proudly acknowledge the VLCM team for their dedication in crafting influential marketing programs that effectively engage customers, prospects, and drive pipeline growth. We look forward to building upon this momentum and fostering continued success with VLCM.”


VLCM takes this opportunity to express profound thanks to Barracuda for their recognition. This notable award is held in high esteem, marking a pivotal moment in our corporate journey. Embracing this honor, VLCM reasserts its pledge to continuously innovate in the marketing sphere of IT solutions. This achievement fuels our drive to remain at the cutting edge, delivering unmatched solutions and strategies that embody excellence, all in the pursuit of Getting IT Right for our customers.


About VLCM

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