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Hiring a managed security service - New Cyber24 Podcast





It probably didn’t take until you had finished building your incident response plan to realize you may need some outside help. We look at the benefits of hiring a managed security service, next, on the CYBER24 podcast, presented by VLCM.

Dan Schuyler, VLCM
Anthony Booyse, Sophos
Paul Whittier, Adlumin


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Episode 119: Hiring a managed security service

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Your server infrastructure should be your strongest defense, armed with the latest infrastructure security innovations to guard against and recover from security attacks. Limiting security to firewalls is no longer enough. Protect your enterprise with innovations in firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery — right down to the silicon. Learn more and watch the webinar at vlcm.com/server-security.



Ahhh people. We are fascinating creatures aren’t we? We build democracies, we explore the stars, we click on phony Amazon emails that lead us to phony Amazon sites where we forgo all of our personal details to some dirty hacker on the other side of the world.  Thankfully, there’s Sophos Phish Threat. The only phishing-training simulator available right alongside a complete selection of award-winning network and endpoint products. Sophos Phish Threat: create a culture of careful clicking. Learn more at vlcm.com/phish.


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CYBER24 is a podcast and website designed to bridge the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts, business leaders and policy makers. We talk with experts who share their knowledge in an easily understandable formate designed to arm public and private sector leaders with the information they need to protect their organization



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