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Protect Your Software Supply Chain - New Cyber24 Podcast

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Any general worth his stars knows an army is only as good as the supply chain keeping it running. Without necessary food, weapons, fuel, and other supplies, even the biggest army is as good as useless. Software structures like websites or programs often work the same way, with bits of software coming from various sources with various degrees of trustworthiness. Like with an army’s supply chain, bad actors can exploit weak supply chain links to attack your business without risking a head-on assault.

Listen as the Cyber 24 podcast and guest Anirban Banjeree, CEO and Co-founder of Riscosity—a company dedicated to providing businesses with a working software supply chain security platform—discuss tips and best practices for companies to monitor and protect their software supply chain. They will walk you through some ways that hackers exploit supply chain weaknesses, discuss the challenges of maintaining an effective supply chain, and explore who holds the responsibility for protecting the software (Hint: it’s not just the CSO).

To round out the episode, the discussion turns to SBOMs (software bill of materials). These gold mines of information, like actual ore, can be difficult to sift through and make it easy to miss important features like how exactly your data is being treated. Banjeree talks about some ways we can better utilize SBOMs and then gives advice about individualizing software supply chain security for your business.



Episode 166: Protect your Software Supply Chain


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