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When Bron Gondwana—the CEO of Fastmail—started programming, he didn’t have much to work with. He was living in the bush in Tasmania, an island just off the southeast coast of Australia, and had to scrounge together computer parts to learn programming. Now, he runs Fastmail, a company whose name you may be familiar with seeing in between the @ and .com portions of email addresses. In this episode of Cyber 24, Gondwana details his unorthodox entry into the computer programming game and the lessons he has learned after decades on both the development and management sides of the industry.

One topic Gondwana is very passionate about is standardizing the email dating system. The United States, as in so many other instances, does things a little differently than the rest of the world when it comes to writing dates. Gondwana advocates for a day/month/year format that allows for easier transferring of email and better organization; listen as he details the benefits he’s seen from doing this with his company and his call to other email services.

Finally, hear Gondwana’s thoughts on how politicians can better address cyber threats through effective policy, including where current policy falls short and what to look for moving forward.


Episode 178: Open Standards


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