Step Inside VLCM’s Little Wild Horse Conference Room for Audiovisual Inspiration

At VLCM's headquarters, the Little Wild Horse conference room is more than just a meeting space—it's a nod to modern, efficient, and user-friendly design. Named after Little Wild Horse Canyon in south-central Utah, Little Wild Horse serves as VLCM’s main conference hub. Its setup prioritizes collaboration and showcases the ingenuity of VLCM's Communications Technologies Team. Anyone can walk into Little Wild Horse and effortlessly tap into its advanced A/V equipment, no expertise required. Every component, from the visual displays to the sound systems, is carefully chosen to reflect VLCM's commitment to delivering top-tier communication experiences. If you're considering an upgrade to your conference facilities, take a leaf from VLCM's book—prioritize ease of use, collaboration, and showcase your company's strengths through design and technology.

The Vision

The objectives were clear: Build a conferencing space that not only wows attendees with its immersive experience but also promises simplicity and efficiency in every interaction. We aimed to craft a room where every presentation, video call, or brainstorming session becomes an engaging and smooth experience - no matter one’s technical expertise.

Drawing from decades of experience in IT and communication solutions, VLCM's Communications Technologies Team meticulously mapped out the integration of each component. From initial conceptualization to final implementation, VLCM's expertise ensured that Little Wild Horse would further business collaboration and serve as a demo room for potential clients. In the subsequent sections and accompanying Line Card, we'll delve deeper into the integral components that make up Little Wild Horse. 




A conference room's effectiveness is often dictated by its visual components. In Little Wild Horse, each piece of visual equipment was chosen not just for its quality, but also for the specific functionality it brings to the table. Here's an in-depth look:

The Epson Projector

The Epson projector ensures high-resolution projections for every presentation. Details are sharp, and colors are accurate, optimizing viewer engagement.

Chief Projector Mount

Durability meets precision with the Chief Projector Mount. Its design guarantees that the projector remains stable, and the mount's adjustability ensures the optimal angle for viewing, making certain that every seat is the best seat in the house.

Da-Lite Motorized Screen

The Da-Lite Motorized Screen offers convenience with automated retracing and extending and sleek design. It adjusts quickly to fit different presentation formats and ensures a clear, stable projection surface.

Wireless Presentation Devices

AirMedia and Mersive Solstice streamline the connection process. Presenters can easily share their screens without the fumbling of cables or seeking for adapters at the last minute, fostering a smoother presentation flow.


Sound quality is paramount for effective communication. In Little Wild Horse, audio components were chosen to provide consistent and clear sound for all attendees.

Shure Ceiling Mics

These mics are strategically placed to capture sound from every angle. Whether a comment comes from the head of the table or the back of the room, each voice is picked up with precision.

Crestron Overhead Speakers

Distributed sound ensures that audio reaches every attendee with clarity. The Crestron Overhead Speakers deliver audio that's balanced, ensuring no seat is left out of the conversation.

Crestron Amplifier

The backbone of the room's audio system, the Crestron Amplifier, provides the necessary power. It ensures that sound levels are optimal, guaranteeing clarity in every interaction.

Room Control

In Little Wild Horse, the emphasis is on intuitive design and automation to ensure an effortless user experience. The moment you step into the room, sensors detect your presence and the lights automatically illuminate. Initiate a presentation and watch as the room transforms: shades lower, lights adjust to a softer hue, and the screen extends. And with user-friendly scheduling systems integrated directly into the space, booking the room and managing its features become second nature. Every detail in room automation and control is designed to make interactions seamless, removing any technical barriers for the user

Crestron Touch Panel

This intuitive interface offers users direct control over various room features. Its user-friendly design ensures that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can manage the room's settings with ease, such as adjusting the lighting or closing the shades. The touch panel can be carried anywhere in the room. 

Room Scheduling with Crestron

The scheduling system simplifies the booking process. It streamlines reservations, ensuring the room's availability is transparent and conflicts are minimized. This is integrated into our Microsoft 365 environment. It is also connected to a “phone booth” sign that lights up outside of the room, so you can easily see if the room is available at a glance.

Crestron's Lighting and Shades

With the ability to adjust both lighting and shades, users can tailor the ambiance to suit their meeting's needs. Whether it's a bright setup for presentations or a dimmed environment for video calls, customization is a touch away.

Room Occupancy Sensing

This feature is not only about convenience but also efficiency. The sensors detect room occupancy, adjusting lighting and temperature accordingly. This ensures energy is used judiciously and rooms are always ready for use.

Collaboration Tools

In Little Wild Horse, we've integrated a suite of collaboration tools specifically tailored to address the multifaceted nature of today's corporate communication. From housing state-of-the-art A/V equipment in a structured manner to seamlessly integrating telephony for mixed communication modes, every tool has been chosen to enhance both in-room and remote collaboration. The room's setup supports popular video conferencing platforms and ensures streamlined communication, regardless of participants' locations. Every tool is an answer to a specific communication challenge, ensuring that collaboration remains uninterrupted, clear, and efficient.

The Robust Middle Atlantic A/V Rack

A well-organized system is crucial for optimal performance. The Middle Atlantic A/V Rack offers a structured solution, housing and protecting vital A/V components. Its design ensures that equipment is easily accessible and maintained.

QSC DSP's SIP Integration

Modern communication often involves a mix of in-person and virtual interactions. The QSC DSP integrates SIP telephony, providing a seamless connection between the physical room and virtual participants. This integration ensures that no matter where stakeholders are, they remain connected to the conversation.

Mitel Integration

Effective communication is pivotal in business operations. With the Mitel, telecommunication becomes seamless. Mitel's solutions ensure that voice communications, whether local or remote, are clear and reliable, making every conversation productive and efficient.

Software-Based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

The conference room is equipped to support popular video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This ensures that meetings can easily incorporate video-based conferencing, catering to both on-site and remote participants.

In Summary

Little Wild Horse demonstrates our commitment to top-notch audiovisual solutions. It's designed to enhance collaboration and improve the meeting experience for both in-person and remote participants. As our audiovisual showcase, it offers potential clients a firsthand look at the capabilities we bring to the table. Interested in experiencing it for yourself? Schedule a session with VLCM's Communication Technologies Team today.

Download VLCM's Little Wild Horse Conference Room Solutions Line Card.