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Companies spend a lot of time and money protecting themselves from digital attacks—for good reason. Many companies also spend resources on physical security, from locks to keycards to security guards. Enter phygital attacks: a hybrid physical/digital attack that can slip through the chinks in an organization’s armor and cause all sorts of data-thieving chaos.

In the early days of phygital attacks, they could have been as simple as a planted microphone to listen in on conversations. As technology advances and the amount of information transferred wirelessly increases, phygital attacks have started to take the form of easy to build and program small computers that sneak into an organization and “listen” to data being shared. These can come in an unmarked mail package and go unnoticed for weeks at a time.
On this episode of Cyber24, Will Plummer talks about common phygital attacks and common strategies firms can use to avoid them. Plummer is the CSO of RaySecure and spent 25 years in the military protecting against physical threats in the form of explosive ordinance. Listen to Cyber24 as he details bad actors’ techniques and suggests security measures that a firm could implement to protect themselves from these phygital attacks.



Episode 172: Phygital Attacks


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