How HPE ProLiant Implements the Zero Trust Model

Trust nothing, verify everything. This is the essence of the Zero Trust model—an innovative security strategy that treats every user, device, and network flow with suspicion, regardless of its location relative to the perimeter. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has pioneered the application of this concept through their ProLiant servers, providing a robust cybersecurity solution that leaves no stone unturned. Let's delve into the specifics of how HPE ProLiant applies the Zero Trust model in its approach to security.




Understanding Zero Trust

The concept of Zero Trust is simple: trust nothing, verify everything. Unlike conventional security models that focus on defending the perimeter while trusting the activities within, Zero Trust treats every user, device, and network flow with suspicion, regardless of its location relative to the perimeter.


Zero Trust in HPE ProLiant: A Security Pillar

From silicon to software, HPE ProLiant embodies the principles of Zero Trust. Each step of the ProLiant lifecycle, from its corruption-free manufacture to its secure decommissioning, is thoughtfully executed with a Zero Trust mindset. This approach fundamentally shifts the traditional security paradigm. In this article, we will delve into the elements of Zero Trust present in HPE ProLiant's architecture, explore how they enhance the overall server security, and show how this shift provides unprecedented protection for your infrastructure, workloads, and data.


Secure Supply Chain

HPE ProLiant’s security journey starts with a corruption-free manufacturing process. Every component—hardware and firmware—undergoes a thorough audit, ensuring the server begins its lifecycle uncompromised.


Silicon Root of Trust

The Silicon Root of Trust is a unique feature of HPE ProLiant that embeds security directly into the server's silicon. This immutable fingerprint verifies the integrity of the firmware before the server boots, ensuring that any malicious code is contained and healthy servers are protected.


Server Configuration Lock

Another key feature is the Server Configuration Lock, secured by a customer-supplied password. This tool creates a digital fingerprint of the server configuration, and any unauthorized change or tampering prevents the server from booting.


Security Dashboard

A single interface to display the overall server security status, the current configuration for the security state, and server configuration lock plus the status of numerous security features, the security dashboard also provides access to change security alerts and manage settings.


Production to CNSA security modes

Equipped with HPE iLO, HPE ProLiant provides four security modes—production, high security, FIPS 140-2, and Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) (the highest-level cryptographic algorithm available for commercial systems).


Server System Restore

Should a server become compromised, the HPE Server System Restore, a feature of HPE's integrated Lights Out (iLO) technology, helps to bring it back online and into normal operations quickly. This includes restoration of validated firmware and facilitated recovery of the operating system, applications, and data connections.


One Button Secure Erase

When it's time to retire or repurpose an HPE ProLiant server, the one-button secure erase simplifies the complete removal of passwords, configuration settings, and data, preventing inadvertent access to previously secured information.


Building a More Secure Future

With HPE ProLiant, security isn't an afterthought, but a core focus. The Zero Trust approach ensures that every layer of your IT infrastructure is safeguarded, right from the start. It incorporates a secure supply chain, Silicon Root of Trust, server configuration lock, multiple security modes, and server system restore.


Choosing HPE ProLiant means choosing peace of mind. With these innovative security features, you can dedicate your efforts to driving business growth, while HPE ProLiant handles the defense. Experience the reassurance that comes with superior protection, and navigate your digital journey confidently with HPE ProLiant.