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The threat of cyber attack looms large over just about any organization with an online profile--the government of the United States of American included. For years now, a dedicated Cyber Corps has been developing training doctrine for cyber operators across the US to protect critical infrastructure from malicious states. Providentially, government agencies and electricity grids are not the only beneficiaries of this doctrine: anyone can gather insight from the research and experience of the Cyber Corps.

This week the Cyber 24 podcast sits down with Stephen Semmelroth, the VP of cyber at Avant Communications. Stephen served over six years in the Army and was part of the Cyber Corps, defending strategic assets and cowriting the doctrine that defines how the Army responds to cyber threats. He has spent his recent years in the private sector, founding a company that pairs veterans with cybersecurity jobs and working for other companies in various cyber roles.

Stephen explores lessons we’ve learned from the virtual theater of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and other high-profile cyber warfare. He discusses the importance of civilian action in protecting critical infrastructure against cyberattacks—an important topic rarely discussed. For private companies, he lays out 5 ways businesses can protect themselves, as well as three questions to ask to determine the optimal amount of money to spend on cybersecurity: Are you spending the right amount? Are you spending it in the right way? Are you confident about what you’re currently spending money on?

Additionally, your business, or a business you know of, may be struggling to hire talent in the cybersecurity space; unfortunately, you’re not alone. Talent is scarce across the board, and Stephen closes out with some advice and observations from his time as a recruiter on how we can mitigate that problem.



Episode 167: Cybersecurity Talent and Veterans


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