How to Easily Scale Security Cameras and Access Control with Verkada

Companies with disparate or legacy physical security systems may find themselves navigating a minefield of challenges. You might be wrestling with outdated technology that demands frequent manual updates and constant upkeep. Or perhaps adding new security cameras or keycard access points has become a bottleneck, slowing down your ability to secure additional facilities. Even worse, you may be dealing with mismatched security systems that fail to integrate smoothly, leaving significant gaps in your overall security posture. These aren't mere inconveniences; they are critical vulnerabilities that pose real risks to your assets and staff.


This guide focuses on Verkada, an enterprise physical security company offering a unified cloud-based platform for surveillance cameras, access control, and environmental sensors. With Verkada, businesses can streamline their security operations, leveraging advanced analytics, AI capabilities, and centralized management.


We’ll delve into what makes Verkada a scalable solution, look at real-world applications, and how Verkada simplifies physical security. 


Verkada’s Bandwidth-Aware Scalability

When it comes to enterprise security solutions, scalability isn't just about adding more cameras or access points. It's about smartly managing resources, optimizing bandwidth, and simplifying maintenance. Verkada excels in these areas with its unique architecture and features that allow businesses to scale without added complexities or vulnerabilities.


Efficient Data Transmission

One of Verkada's standout features is its approach to transmitting data. The cameras operate in a "steady state," sending a stream of encrypted thumbnail images and metadata to the cloud at regular intervals. This not only minimizes bandwidth usage but also enables quick search and review of relevant footage. Importantly, Verkada's cameras conduct video processing at the edge, reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent to servers for processing. This combination of edge processing and low-bandwidth transmission ensures efficient use of network resources.


Bandwidth Optimization

For bandwidth-constrained environments, Verkada offers a low bandwidth mode that reduces resting bandwidth consumption by up to 75% and streaming bandwidth by up to 33%. This is particularly useful for remote locations or high camera density deployments where network resources are at a premium. The compromise on video quality is minimal and does not significantly impact the system’s operational effectiveness.


Automatic Updates During Off-Peak Hours

Verkada provides the flexibility to schedule automatic firmware updates during non-business hours. This ensures that the system remains updated with the latest features and security patches without disrupting business operations.


Cloud-Based, Edge-Enabled Access Control

Verkada eliminates the overhead associated with traditional access control systems. With no need for servers, databases, or additional software, Verkada offers a cloud-based platform that brings unlimited scalability across access points, sites, and geographies. Its edge-based access control ensures fast and secure operations, combining the benefits of cloud scalability with on-device speed and security.


Unified Management

Verkada’s cloud platform allows for centralized management of all your security solutions. This simplifies administrative workflows, saving time and reducing the chance of errors that can introduce vulnerabilities.


How Santa Clara City Solved Multi-Departmental Security Challenges with Verkada

Santa Clara City grappled with heightened vandalism in their parks and gaps in surveillance at their public works facilities. Recognizing the urgent need for a comprehensive and easy-to-manage video security system, they turned to VLCM for a solution. Verkada emerged as the clear choice, given its cloud-based, centralized management capabilities.


With Verkada, VLCM was able to swiftly install security cameras not just in City Hall, but also in the Parks and Public Works Departments. The cameras' built-in storage feature eliminated the need for a complex back-end infrastructure, allowing for quick and streamlined deployments across multiple city locations.


2_8_2022, 10_04_15 AM - Power building #4 Verkada Snapshot


The solution proved to be transformative. Parks that were once hotspots for vandalism are now secure, with documented evidence easily accessible. The cloud-based nature of Verkada allowed for the installation of Wi-Fi connections in remote areas, with the support of high-speed Internet providers, making surveillance more expansive and effective.


Dustin Mouritsen, the Public Works Assistant Director for Santa Clara, summarized the impact succinctly: "I'm in the system every day, monitoring these cameras because it’s so easy to do. I’ve never seen anything this easy—to get in and be able to monitor and find and see what I want to see."


In 2023, Santa Clara City took its security measures to the next level by integrating Verkada Access Control. The Verkada Access Control system allows for automated scheduling of door opening and closing times and provides auditing capabilities to track who enters and exits specific doors. This additional layer of security perfectly melded with the existing camera system, offering advanced features like automated door scheduling and auditing from the same platform they use to monitor their video security. 


The Verkada security system not only solved immediate security concerns but also simplified the monitoring process, elevating Santa Clara City's ability to safeguard its citizens and assets.


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7 Ways Verkada Simplifies Security at Scale

Verkada’s hybrid cloud architecture merges the processing power of edge-based devices with the infinite capabilities of cloud computing, providing an optimized environment for security at scale.


  1. Self-Sustaining Cameras

    Each Verkada camera is a self-contained unit capable of processing and storing footage locally. Say goodbye to managing additional devices like NVRs and DVRs. Cameras come with built-in storage options, offering up to a year of continuous recording in standard quality.
  2. Instant Insights with Command

    The Command platform is your control center for Verkada’s suite of security solutions. From here, you can locate relevant footage in seconds, thanks to features such as Motion Detection and People Analytics. Investigating incidents becomes a speedier, more efficient process, freeing up your team for other critical tasks.
  3. User-Friendly Interface

    Ease of use is a hallmark of Verkada’s Command platform. The system is designed for intuitive navigation, eliminating the need for specialized training. This ensures a smooth experience whether you're a first-time user or a security veteran.
  4. Secure Remote Access

    Connectivity with Verkada is secure right out of the box. Forget about the complexities of setting up VPNs or port forwarding. Data remains encrypted during transit and at rest, adhering to high-security standards.
  5. Plug and Play Simplicity

    Verkada cameras are designed for straightforward installation. All that's needed is a PoE connection. The cameras configure themselves within minutes, ready for immediate operation.
  6. Scalable by Design

    Built to accommodate growth, Verkada cameras function well in bandwidth-sensitive environments, operating at just 20-50 kbps per head. This allows for the seamless addition of cameras as your organization expands without requiring extra hardware.
  7. Continuous Updates and Warranties

    With automatic firmware updates, Verkada keeps your system secure and up-to-date. Furthermore, hardware comes with up to a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability. New features are added continually, offering enhanced functionalities at no additional cost.

By aligning advanced technology with practical functionalities, Verkada creates a scalable, manageable, and effective security solution for businesses of all sizes.



Navigating the intricacies of a fragmented or outdated physical security setup can be challenging. Verkada stands as a unified solution that not only addresses your immediate concerns but also prepares your enterprise for secure scalability. With its cloud-based, user-friendly platform, Verkada effectively future-proofs your security measures. VLCM, with its expertise in enterprise technology and data and cybersecurity solutions, is well-positioned to architect and implement Verkada systems that align closely with your unique operational needs, making your transition to a more secure and scalable solution seamless. To learn more about Verkada and VLCM’s partnership, please visit