How to Accelerate and Protect Business Productivity with VDI Solutions from HPE

Managing dispersed and complex IT environments can become a laborious challenge for businesses striving to stay ahead. With an increasing need for flexibility, security, and performance, traditional solutions often fall short. Here enters HPE's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) built on ProLiant Gen11 servers, designed to transform these obstacles into opportunities. Offering intuitive cloud operating experiences and a robust security approach, HPE ProLiant ensures that businesses can adapt quickly to changing needs without compromising productivity. 




Deliver the Right Experience Regardless of Location

HPE recognizes that today's diverse and globally dispersed workforce requires technology that can be accessed and utilized efficiently, regardless of location. To meet this demand, HPE's portfolio is designed with a focus on securing data while enabling productivity and innovation. From the simplicity of streamlined updates and policy enforcement to the adaptability that allows for scaling according to business needs, HPE's solutions are finely tuned to support a wide spectrum of employees. With the HPE’s VDI solutions, you can:

  • Simplify and Standardize Desktop Management: Streamline updates and policy enforcement.
  • Ensure Agility: Adapt to disruptions, scale according to needs, and enjoy predictable costs.
  • Support a Range of Employees: Cater to everyone from task workers to power users.
  • Improve Service Levels and Control Costs: Consolidate IT capabilities for efficiency.



Top Reasons to Choose HPE ProLiant Gen11

The modern business landscape demands more than just functionality; it requires a dynamic approach to work, tailored to meet individual needs and able to adapt to any location. HPE recognizes these challenges and provides a suite of solutions to navigate them. With the HPE portfolio, your organization gains the capacity to deliver the right experience, no matter where your employees are situated. From simplifying desktop management to ensuring agility and controlling costs, these offerings are designed to cater to various work styles and requirements. Here's how HPE is transforming the way businesses operate, making remote work a powerful asset rather than a limitation:

  • Intuitive Cloud Operating Experience: Transform operations with global visibility, task automation, and simplified management.
  • Business Agility for Work from Anywhere: Accelerate workloads, enhance productivity, and enrich customer experiences.
  • More Graphics Capabilities Than Ever Before: Empower innovators with advanced GPU accelerators and certified solutions.
  • Expect More from Your VDI: Consolidate more workloads, increase ROI, and lower TCO.


Trusted Security by Design

HPE ProLiant servers are engineered with a rigorous security design that extends from silicon to software, from factory processes to cloud integration, and across generations. This fundamental approach is part of HPE's DNA, reflecting an unwavering commitment to continuous security advancements. By protecting the infrastructure, workloads, and data against both hardware threats and risks from third-party software, HPE ProLiant builds a trusted edge-to-cloud security posture. The compute core is hardened through a proven, zero-trust approach, resulting in a comprehensive security framework that meets the needs of modern businesses.


Expertise to Transform Your Digital Workplace

HPE Pointnext Services are crafted to lay the foundation for the next generation of digital workplaces, driving a transformation that goes beyond traditional boundaries. These services are designed to significantly enhance productivity by creating a seamless, converged digital environment that integrates various technologies and platforms. Security is a core component, with measures and protocols to protect data and maintain compliance, while the customization options provide avenues to control costs effectively. With a blend of innovation and expertise, HPE Pointnext Services offers a comprehensive approach that aligns with the unique demands and objectives of each organization.


Get Speed and Flexibility for VDI, Delivered as a Service

HPE GreenLake for VDI combines the strength of on-premises VDI solutions with the convenience and adaptability of cloud services. This unique approach provides a platform that is not only robust in terms of performance but also exceptionally reliable. HPE's commitment to maintaining full control of the environment ensures that the integrity and security of the system are never compromised. 


The solution offers seamless scalability, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands without the need for substantial infrastructure investments. Cost management becomes more predictable, with a pay-as-you-go model that aligns with actual usage, and ongoing support and management from HPE ensure that the system remains optimized for current needs. With HPE GreenLake for VDI, the focus is on providing a tailored, efficient, and flexible solution that empowers businesses to achieve more without the typical constraints of traditional VDI implementations.



Modernizing and transforming virtual desktop services is vital for growth and adaptability. Learn more about how HPE ProLiant Gen11 can help navigate challenges, secure operations, and provide needed agility.