VLCM Can Help You Solve Supply Chain and Pricing Issues

The current supply chain situation is not pretty

We’ve all heard, and most of us have seen first-hand, how the tech sector’s supply chain problems are affecting productivity and growth. Many products are unavailable right now, with some back ordered for months, even out to the end of this new year!

supply chain

Product availability is the #1 issue facing many data centers right now, delaying upgrades and expansion desperately needed to grow their business and support their end users. And, of course, product cost is always a concern as well.

Are used or 3rd party products viable options?

To combat these product shortages, it may be tempting to look at adding used or 3rd party products into your infrastructure.  However, that comes with huge risks. Used products are sourced from who-knows-where, often untested with undocumented firmware that is possibly incompatible with current hardware and software, obsolete or defective hardware, and most important of all, without manufacturer’s warranty or support service upgrades.

It’s not hard to imagine the support issues hanging over your head after integrating used or 3rd party products, like memory for example, into your server. Not only are those uncertified products more likely to fail, but the domino effect of the crash of unsupported hardware can lead to multiple service calls not covered by the HPE, Aruba Networks, or Dell warranty or support contract. The cost and liability of excessive downtime virtually eliminate the viability of used, refurbished, or 3rd party product options.


There is a better, AUTHORIZED option available

Fortunately, there is another option. Both HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell have developed special authorized programs that provide a totally unique and separate supply chain of solutions that carry their full warranty. These highly respected manufacturers end up with 1000’s of products that cannot be sold “as new”, yet still be made available for sale.

For instance, products that have been used in internal testing or proof-of-concept. Solutions that have been displayed at trade shows and conferences. Canceled orders, where solutions that have been configured for a certain sale, cannot just be put back into their inventory. Many products have never even left the warehouse, but production changes necessitate products being replaced by newer versions.


NOT used, NOT refurbished – the HPE, Aruba Networks Renew & Dell Recertified programs

The HPE, Aruba Networks Renew, and Dell Recertified programs offer the best of both worlds. The inventory is unique and separate from any traditional distribution stock. Thus, many impossible-to-get products are in fact available in Renew and Recertified. And, these products are sourced directly from HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell. They are tested and configured to your specifications. The same tests and certifications are applied to products in these programs as any other product sourced from HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell.

Best of all, they are 100% warrantied by HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell. The exact same warranty and support services that all “new” HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell solutions are shipped with. The same support process is followed, the same support people are used, and the same support experience is seen. No finger-pointing at used or 3rd party components. No excessive downtime. No expensive “out of coverage” repair bills. These products will integrate seamlessly into your IT environment.


Additional Dell no-cost upgrade

For our Dell server customers, we’ll even upgrade the standard Dell 3-year warranty. Your Recertified Dell server will come to you with the optional 5-year Dell warranty – at no cost to you!


Another added bonus

Renew and Recertified often offer lower pricing along with better availability. This has always been a benefit of using these special programs.


It’s fast and easy to determine if Renew or Recertified can help your business

As a premier partner with HPE, Aruba Networks, and Dell, VLCM can leverage these special programs to help our customers meet their business challenges. We have direct access to HPE, Aruba Networks Renew, and Dell Recertified distribution. Your VLCM Account Team are the experts helping you succeed - we’ve sold thousands of Renew and Recertified products.

As you can imagine, these authorized inventories are very dynamic. Product does not stay on the shelf for long. But, it’s quick and easy to check what’s available. It’s as simple as submitting a request that you want to explore the Renew or Recertified option. We’ll typically know within a day if we can help.


In summary: leverage the authorized HPE, Aruba Networks Renew, and Dell Recertified programs


Renew and Recertified offer:

  • Same-as-new specs and performance
  • Same-as-new warranty and support options
  • Seamless integration into your existing environment
  • Often better availability and price


Just ask us - chances are good that we’ll have a solution. It only takes a few minutes to discover if we can help. Contact us today by visiting www.vlcm.com/contact