What Is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and How Does It Apply to Your Business?


Advanced cyber-attacks target enterprises and small businesses. Advanced threat protection uses multilayered security to protect your business.


advanced threat protection


Reasons Your Business Needs Advanced Threat Protection Now


Do you think that your business is immune to malware attacks? If so, think again. Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report released in 2020 states that attackers are opportunistic and will take advantage of poor security hygiene in any ecosystem. Advanced threat protection (ATP) can help keep your business safe.


What Is Advanced Threat Protection?


Advanced threat protection defines security solutions that are made specifically to protect against sophisticated hacking attacks or malware attacks. These are usually targeted attacks that identify and compromise sensitive data.

Advanced threat protection solutions are offered as standalone software or as managed services. The exact solution used to protect your organization will vary as the approaches and components of ATP vary based on the organization being protected and the technology that it uses.

Most ATP will include a mixture of network devices, endpoint agents, malware protection systems, email gateways, and a centralized management console that gives cybersecurity professionals a unified view of threats and defenses.


Are You at Risk of an Advanced Threat?


The mistake that small and medium-sized businesses make is thinking that advanced cyber-attacks only pinpoint recognized names like HP Inc. or Intel. The truth is that two-thirds of small businesses are currently experiencing cyber-attacks. Still, most small businesses rely on an ineffective cybersecurity posture.

What is an advanced threat? It is a threat that is not contained in just one piece of program code but has multiple components. Advanced threats target a particular individual, organization, or government.

They typically use unknown vulnerabilities and disguise themselves to give the attacker longer to carry out their nefarious plans. They take advantage of refined management systems for continual monitoring and extorting of data from their target.

Your organization is at risk if you have any information someone else could find valuable. Just because you don’t see your organization’s information as having value does not mean that cybercriminals share those ideas.


Applying ATP to Your Business


ATP provides layers of security for your business, making it harder for a targeted cyber-attack to be successful. Heavy emphasis is put on email, antivirus, and malware protection. Over 90% of malicious software is delivered by email. If it can be stopped at the source, be it from fraudulent invoices, dangerous attachments, or unsafe links, the safer your organization will be.

ATP goes beyond typical anti-malware and virus protection. It starts by blocking phishing-type emails by using machine learning algorithms. It creates a strong network perimeter, providing antivirus and anti-ransom protection from the server to the desktop.

VLCM partners with Microsoft, HP Inc., and Intel to offer you ATP you can count on.


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