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Cyber Risks in the Remote-Work World- New Cyber24 Podcast

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If you were to guess, who would you say is the most likely target for cyber-attacks: a tech-savvy, in-touch professional, or someone largely unfamiliar with internet technology? Perhaps surprisingly, a recent survey by OpenText found that tech-savvy individuals are more likely to be affected by cyber-attacks. Tyler Moffitt—of OpenText security—explains that cyber-attacks against such people are more likely because they have a much larger online presence, with more accounts and more passwords to keep track of. As employees have moved from in-office to remote work, it has become even harder to manage all of the access points of their tech-savvy employees.

So what can companies and agencies do to keep themselves safe when their employees don’t work in the office on a controlled device? Moffitt suggests purchasing a VPN subscription service and asking employees to use it whenever accessing work data from home. Another necessary step, in his mind, is setting up two factor authentication, ideally one without SMS verification.

These measures probably sound familiar; many portals require or allow two-factor authentication and VPNs have been around for a while. What may be less familiar, but just recommended, are phishing simulations. Listen as Moffitt discusses the everything above, as well as the benefits and best practices of phishing simulation—including examples from the recent Uber breach.



Episode 170: Cyber Risks in the Remote-Work World


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