How to solve 6 key compute management challenges

Your quick guide to simplifying and securing server management from edge to cloud, using HPE GreenLake.


Today’s organizations need compute resources to be available in more environments than ever before. Environments that once lived in data centers are now located at the edge, close to where data is generated and consumed, and in the cloud where they can provide greater agility. Some are transforming compute into consumption-based services that can deliver a cloud experience everywhere. 


However, compute management tools are often disjointed and complex, creating obstacles to transformation:

  • Rolling out distributed environments is slow and complex. Deployment relies on manual processes that are time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Innovation is limited. Use of AI is limited to analysis, not for problem-solving that saves time and money.
  • Teams spend more time on routine tasks than strategic work. Skilled staff are stuck fixing problems and manually updating servers, instead of leading transformation initiatives. 


Compute Ops Management solves these challenges by simplifying and unifying operations across the server lifecycle, for the whole environment, no matter where your compute infrastructure lives. Available through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, Compute Ops Management provides a consistent, secure cloud experience that scales elastically and is always up to date.


How HPE GreenLake’s three pillars solve six key compute management challenges

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management transforms your entire environment across three pillars: security, simplicity, and unity. You can use it to remotely manage server estates, or create new managed services for your customers and lines of business.


Secure cloud operations

Bring enterprise security and consistent, compliant processes to your distributed compute infrastructure.

Simplify and automate

Unify compute management

Use one console to manage your servers, wherever they live.


Challenge 1: “How can we simplify server deployment?”

Automatically discover and configure servers, with a low-touch experience.

  •  Easily onboard 1000s of distributed devices
  • Reduce time to deploy
  • Take a consistent, secure, governed approach 


Challenge 2: “We need to know cloud data is secure” 

Bring enterprise cloud security to wherever compute lives.

  • Protect identities with 5-factor authentication
  • Use the world’s most secure industry-standard server platform
  • Encrypt and isolate cloud data 


Challenge 3: “Fewer manual tasks would enable IT to innovate” 

Manage your entire environment in real-time in one place, with fewer steps.

  • Access up to tens of thousands of servers across remote sites, edge systems, data centers, and hybrid cloud
  • Easily integrate best-in-class software from HPE and partners
  • Group servers and update them in a few clicks with bulk actions


Challenge 4: “Maintaining our tools takes too much time” 

Enjoy a consistent experience from edge to cloud, managed for you by HPE.

Use the same tools and processes across your entire environment

Always have the newest software version, tools, and features

Scale instantly and massively


Challenge 5: “How can we reduce server downtime?” 

  • Automation shrinks maintenance windows. Consistent processes reduce manual errors.
  • Resolve problems before they occur with self-healing capabilities
  • Automate software updates to simplify operations


Challenge 6: “Easier firmware updates would help us reduce risk”  

Automations make server updates faster and easier.

  • Update servers in a few clicks with bulk actions
  • Set policies for firmware baselines and compliance Get updates Make the right purchase decision. 


The cloud that comes to you

Cloud servers available through HPE GreenLake's edge-to-cloud platform give you greater agility, scale, and flexibility across your IT landscape.

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