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Work Smarter and Save More With HP


From education to medicine to business, HP Inc. is impacting how things are done. They create the computers and devices people rely on every day.




How HP Inc. Is Changing Life for the Better

HP Inc. has built a reputation for creating machines that meet the demand of an ever-changing workforce. When coupled with next-generation Intel processors and powered by Microsoft operating systems, there is little limit to what a business, charity, or center of education can accomplish.


How HP Inc. Is Improving Education

HP workstations are giving educators the tools they need to allow their students to run professional software at a price that meets educational budgets. For example, the HP Inc. Z workstation stands up to rigorous use longer than average PCs.

The PCs that HP Inc. markets to the educational sector are easy to set up. They are equipped with features and processes that bring real-world capabilities into the classroom and labs.


How HP Inc. Is Improving Healthcare

HP Inc. has created several devices designed to improve the connection and communication between healthcare providers and their patients. At the same time, their devices optimize clinical workflows.

For example, the HP EliteOne 800 G5 23.8 Healthcare Edition has increased clinical efficiency and protects sensitive patient data. Since this system is created with healthcare in mind, it is easy to sanitize.

The enhanced security features offered by this device make it easier for medical professionals to do their work while complying with HIPAA regulations.

This device has made things easier for medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic since it is equipped with enhanced telemedicine features. Many of these same features are available in the displays and healthcare-centric notebooks that HP Inc. has created.


How HP Inc. Is Improving Business

HP Inc. is the workhorse that powers many of today’s largest businesses. From desktops to workstations to printers, HP Inc. is building and improving the tools that help businesses operate.

HP Inc. offers businesses business-class devices that offer improved performance and longer battery life. This means that your employees can work faster and longer, even while on the road. HP Elite class devices are tested for over 115,000 hours to ensure durability.

HP Inc. has provided the devices that help move business, education, and medicine. They are at the frontline of these fields and will probably be behind many of the next tech advancements in these areas. At VLCM, we partner with HP Inc. to provide organizations with the tools they need to succeed.

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