Work-From-Anywhere Dilemmas and the Employee Experience: What IT Leaders Need to Know [Infographic]



In the wake of the pandemic, distributed work emerged as a viable, long-term strategy—sparking new ways of collaborating, innovating, and achieving business goals. But reaching a place where work can easily happen anywhere is a journey, with many challenges and opportunities along the way, such as: 


  • Fragmented or insufficient security
  • Operational complexity
  • Poor employee experiences


To solve these challenges, you need technology solutions that keep employees connected and productive, secure the distributed edge, and automate the workspace. In our handy guide, Employee Experience Dilemmas and the Anywhere Organization: What Leaders Need to Know, you’ll see which capabilities you need to effectively address each of these issues so your business can thrive—no matter where your people are located.



Learn more on how to enable employees to work from anywhere with secure, frictionless experiences.