VLCM Announces 2023 Vendor Awards

Earlier this month, at VLCM's Sales Kickoff, themed 'Accelerating to New Heights,' we celebrated the achievements and contributions of our partners who have been instrumental in helping VLCM and our clients reach new levels of success. This theme encapsulates our ambitions for the year ahead and reflects the vital role our partners play in our collective journey upward. The following partners have been recognized for their exceptional support, innovation, and dedication, each contributing uniquely to our shared mission of accelerating progress in Getting IT Right.

hpe aruba networking vlcm partner of the year

2023 Partner of the Year: HPE Aruba Networking

HPE Aruba Networking was awarded Partner of the Year for their exceptional performance and commitment to excellence. Their contributions have significantly impacted our ability to deliver cutting-edge networking solutions, enhancing our service offerings and client satisfaction.

d&h distributing vlcm distribution partner of the year

2023 Distribution Partner of the Year: D&H Distributing

D&H Distributing's outstanding service and support have earned them the title of Distribution Partner of the Year. Their dedication to efficient distribution processes and exceptional service has been instrumental in our success, ensuring we can meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

arctic wolf vlcm cybersecurity partner of the year

2023 Cybersecurity Partner of the Year: Arctic Wolf

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to cybersecurity, Arctic Wolf has been named our Cybersecurity Partner of the Year. Their visionary solutions and proactive approach to cybersecurity have significantly bolstered our ability to protect our clients' critical data and infrastructure.

check point vlcm marketing partner of the year
check point

2023 Marketing Partner of the Year: Check Point Software Technologies

Check Point Software Technologies was awarded Marketing Partner of the Year for their creative and effective marketing collaborations. Their efforts have played a crucial role in enhancing our market presence and driving mutual growth.

fortinet vlcm growth partner of the year

2023 Growth Partner of the Year: Fortinet

Fortinet's focus on driving VLCM's growth and enhancing our clients' security posture has truly set them apart, earning them the Growth Partner of the Year award. Their commitment to delivering advanced security solutions aligns perfectly with our mission, directly impacting our ability to serve our clients better.

sentinelone vlcm team win of the year

2023 Team Win of the Year: SentinelOne

The Team Win of the Year award recognizes SentinelOne's outstanding collaboration with VLCM. This partnership embodies dedicated teamwork, drives technological innovation, and delivers superior client outcomes. SentinelOne's unwavering commitment to our shared goals has been critical to our collective success.

wiz vlcm new partner of the year

2023 New Partner of the Year: Wiz

Wiz earns the New Partner of the Year award for swiftly enhancing our cloud security capabilities. Their rapid integration into our ecosystem and immediate impact on identifying and mitigating security risks have been remarkable. Wiz's dedication to excellence and comprehensive cloud security solutions have quickly established them as a key partner in safeguarding our clients' cloud environments.


2023 Recognition of Outstanding Partnership


outstanding partnerships


In addition to our award winners, we extend a special acknowledgment to our partners who have earned "Recognition of Outstanding Partnership." Armis, Barracuda, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NetSPI, Proofpoint, Sophos, and Veeam have each played a crucial role in our success through their unwavering support, creative solutions, and collaborative spirit. These organizations have consistently demonstrated exceptional partnership, contributing significantly to our ability to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to working alongside VLCM have driven technological advancements and enhanced our service offerings. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to achieving more milestones together.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of these organizations for their well-deserved awards. Your commitment and partnership are integral to our mission of delivering superior IT solutions. As we look forward to another year of challenges and opportunities, we are excited to continue building on these partnerships, accelerating to new heights.


Thank you to all our partners for your support and commitment to excellence. Your contributions are essential to our success and the success of our clients. Here's to another year of shared achievements and continued partnership!