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Extortion is nothing new. Mob bosses and regular, non-digital criminals have been doing it for ages: using some form of coercion or threat to get people to do what they want them to. In our increasingly digital landscape, extortion has become easier and more anonymous than ever, and just about anyone can suddenly become a victim.

Digital extortion often takes the form of a bad actor obtaining some sort of private information—anything from out-of-context messages to explicit photos—and then demands something in exchange for not revealing the stolen data. Usually, the targets of these digital extortion attacks are people who have a lot to lose when sensitive information is leaked, such as public figures or sponsored athletes, but sometimes extortionists will simply hold on to information until such a time as it becomes valuable.
Enter Michael Orozco, with MorganFranklin Cybersecurity. Orozco spent much of his career with top management consulting firms, seeing how top businesses operated from within. He now uses that experience in the cybersecurity field, and on this episode of Cyber 24 discusses his experience in dealing with digital extortion. His helpful advice includes avoiding public Wi-Fi networks and assuming someone could retrieve anything you send via digital means and use it against you. He also suggests applications that help keep communication private while warning about the weaknesses of some applications that come from larger organizations.

Tune in for the latest on digital extortion.



Episode 174: Digital Extortion


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