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Cyberattacks often happen over the internet. A type of attack that can get overlooked (often the most dangerous kind) is an attack over the Internet of Things. On this episode of Cyber 24, Dr. Danny Rittman—R&D expert and CTO of GBT Technologies—discusses IOT cyberattacks as well as gives some insight into his research at GBT Technologies.

Taking a quick break from the usual cybersecurity banter, Dr. Rittman explains a new and potentially revolutionary piece of tech he’s working on: a multiplanetary microchip that could do and store much more than an ordinary chip with the same amount of space.   Listen to Cyber24 for a sneak peek of this intriguing invention and the cutting-edge AI that could speed up production and design.

More applicable to the cybersecurity realm is his research on IOT security and AI-supported cybersecurity. The IOT, Rittman says, can be easily hacked and often has weak security standards. The issue is, after a bad actor has broken into an IOT device or connected to your network, they potentially have an open door to your whole system.

Concerning the future of AI in the cybersecurity world, Rittman sees it becoming a necessary part of securing large databases where only an AI trained to recognize intrusions could deliver a “real-time warning” when a breach occurs. Until then, the best advice he has is to be proactive and stay on top of your cybersecurity protocols to beat attacks before they happen.



Episode 173: Overlooking Security Vulnerabilities


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