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United Against Cancer Golf Tournament Raises $112,000 for Cancer Research

9.13.2017 VLCM Golf Tournament Day 2 0256.jpg

VLCM Foundation held its annual United Against Cancer golf tournament on September 13th. This year, as always, Huntsman Cancer Foundation will receive every cent raised from the 10th such event, a relatively unique claim as far as charity events go: most use at least some of the money raised to cover the cost of the event. All expenses were paid by VLCM--ensuring that 100% of the donations could be used for research.

9.13.2017 VLCM Golf Tournament Day 2 0272.jpg

The event, held at Wasatch Golf Course in Midway, Utah, attracted over 200 golfers to a two-course tournament, reaching business professionals and donors alike from across the state and the nation. Some of the attendees traveling the furthest were from places as far-flung as Georgia.

The fundraiser provided a great opportunity for attendees to network and bond over charity, cancer research, and golf. At the end of the day, $112,000 had been raised for cancer research. This total brings our community's donation to this life-saving work to $874,688.

We will also be able to give, as a gift, Bluetooth speakers to some of the patients currently being treated at Huntsman Cancer Hospital. We hope it will help them to persevere through treatments that are often difficult. Many patients have turned to music as a source of comfort and strength.

Months of planning gathered many remarkable sponsors and attractions. One grand, hole-in-one prize was sponsored by Larry H. Miller--a Lexus! Other attractions also made this a notable event to fund research on a family of diseases that will affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the United States.

9.13.2017 VLCM Golf Tournament Day 2 0588.jpg

The highlight of the event was hearing from two incredible speakers during the lunch program--Huntsman Cancer Hospital patient Patty Brimley and Huntsman Cancer Institute physician and researcher Dr. Matthew Poppe. We were honored to give a foursome back to Huntsman Cancer Institute, inviting Brimley, Poppe, dosimetrist Mike Dritto, and Huntsman Cancer Foundation representative George Mathis. Brimley and Poppe discussed the life saving work of raising money for cancer research, and some major steps forward which have been made recently at Huntsman Cancer Institute. The two speakers put the golf tournament in perspective by highlighting the purpose and the remarkable work these donations help fund.

VLCM Foundation is extremely grateful to our donors and sponsors for the work they're helping researchers to do. We know beyond a doubt that it will save lives.

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