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Hope on the Horizon for Several Potential Melanoma Preventions

Experts on melanoma--a type of skin cancer--from the Melanoma Prevention Working Group recently authored a paper summarizing current research into both drugs and natural products that prevent...


"Your generosity really does make a difference to us in the lab"

 As we mentioned before, Huntsman Cancer Institute researcher Dr. Mona Foth gave us an update on the state of cancer research and her work at HCI at this year's golf tournament. We were so lucky to...


HCI Scientist Dr. Mona Foth to Speak at Tournament


HCI Map of Breast Formation Identifies Potential Targets for Cancer Treatment

In partnership with researchers at the Salk Institute in San Diego, Huntsman Cancer Institute scientists have created a map of how breast tissue forms.


Frequently Googled Questions: Cancer Causes

Today's post focuses on three of the most frequently googled questions about cancer causes. There are hundreds of things that can cause cancer, so this article is certainly not exhaustive. It...


Frequently Googled Questions: When Cancer Spreads

Today we'll be answering Google's most searched questions about when cancer spreads. As we'll talk about in a future article, the spread of cancer is how cancer kills so this can be a heavy...

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