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Huntsman Cancer Foundation and VLCM Foundation Golf Tournaments Merge Under VLCM Foundation's Direction


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Huntsman Cancer Foundation has asked VLCM Foundation to take over management of its Huntsman Golf Classic--a proposition which we've gladly accepted. We've chosen to merge the Huntsman Golf Classic with our own United Against Cancer Golf Tournament, and hold one large event on September 11, 2019 at Wasatch Mountain Golf Course in Midway, Utah. It will be called the Huntsman Golf Classic.

 Huntsman Cancer Foundation established their first golf classic, dubbed "The Most Meaningful Golf You Can Play" in 2002. Five years later, VLCM Foundation began holding its own golf tournament to support Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Both tournaments were used exclusively to fund cancer research at the University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute. 


To a large extent, Huntsman Cancer Foundation and VLCM Foundation were duplicating a lot of work, and that had big implications for both time and costs. Holding one tournament cuts down on a great deal of that. It will allow us to continue to hold a great golf tournament and more efficiently raise funds for cancer research. We are honored that Huntsman Cancer Foundation trusts us enough to let us manage the combined tournament.

As the golf tournaments become one, there will be some changes. For regular VLCM Foundation donors, changes include those to the name and additions to the tournament's donation structure. For regular Huntsman Cancer Foundation donors, those changes will include the date and location of the tournament, as well as the introduction of a new tournament donation structure. 

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Having said that, many things will remain the same. The tournament will continue to be supported by Huntsman Cancer Institute. 100% of donations made there will continue to be used exclusively to fund research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. The tournament will still be an incredible day of golf alongside food, friends, and prizes. Lastly, the tournament will remain the most meaningful golf you can play.

Without corporate sponsors and private philanthropy, Huntsman Cancer Institute would be unable to perform their groundbreaking research. By funding efforts to better understand the beginnings of cancer, donors help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

The most innovative new ideas are seeded by private philanthropy. It takes $50,000 to provide the funding to determine if a new idea can make it to the next phase of research. Donors play a vital role in the cancer fight. Their participation in the Huntsman Golf Classic matters.

To find more information, click the button below or read our tournament brochure.





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