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Foundation to Give Foursome to HCI for a Second Time


9.13.2017 VLCM Golf Tournament Day 2 0588


At 2017's United Against Cancer charity golf tournament, we tried something new for the first time: inviting experts from Huntsman Cancer Institute, giving them the opportunity to golf, and asking them to briefly speak at our program. We will be doing the same in 2018.

At the last tournament, a patient, physician-scientist (someone who both treats patients and does research), and a dosimetrist (someone who helps administer radiation therapy), along with a representative from Huntsman Cancer Foundation were able to come.

Both of them--patient Patty Brimley and Dr. Matthew Poppe--spoke about what makes Huntsman Cancer Institute unique and why the research done there is so important. When it comes down to it, some of the reasons Poppe and Brimley love HCI are the same reasons we do: the scientists and physicians employed there are truly among the best in the world, and those experts are never able to forget the reasons for their work.

Sometimes, it can be easy for researchers to lose sight of the 'why' for what they do--their work is a very complex, technical, and mind-consuming effort and they often don't work directly with cancer patients. However, at HCI, the researchers walk the same halls as the patients. They ride the elevator together. This is just one of the many, many reasons we love and support the research done there.

We loved having that expertise and passion at the tournament. It was truly an honor to hear from the two of them, and also to give back to the community at HCI by inviting them to golf with everyone. This is why we'll be doing it again for 2018's tournament. We'll invite new people to tell us about their experience at the institute, giving them a fun day of golf, and learn from what they have to tell us. It's their work that we're funding together, and we're confident it's their work that will help cure cancer one day.

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