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Another week, another big hack. It may come as no surprise that millions of people play video games on their phones. Whether they are attacking pigs with chickens, rolling some old school Nintendo games or playing electronic versions of classic board games, video games are big business. 

And now more than 200 million people who played Words with Friends have had their data hacked. 

On last week’s episode of CYBER24, the panel discusses the hack of video game maker Zygna. 


Words with Friends


They also discuss a new report that shows three out of every five retailers say they’ve experienced a data breach before and three out of ten having been hit in the past year. But a lower number of those same companies say they plan to invest more in their cybersecurity this year. We look at that trend and why your organization should take a different path. 



Anthony Booyse, Sophos
Paul Whittier, Sophos
Matt Sorensen, Secuvant 

Articles reference in this episode

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