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Top scenarios for effective tabletop exercises to prep your team for a cyberattack - New Cyber24 Podcast



Bringing your key stakeholders together for regular tabletop exercises could make a significant difference in your response to a cybersecurity incident. When time is money and the clock is ticking you don't want to review a dusty plan and hope you have the ability to put it into action. Holding regular tabletop exercises will not only help your team prepare for the worst, it will help you identify gaps in your current plan. In this episode of CYBER24, presented by VLCM, we continue our discussion with our panel of experts who share discuss the top four incident response scenarios you use to test your ability to respond.


  • Mike Hussey, executive director of the Utah Dept. of Technology Services and the state CIO
  • Phil Bates, chief information security officer in the Utah Dept. of Technology Services
  • Dan Schuyler, Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, VLCM
  • Anthony Booyse, Channel Sales Engineer Utah & New Mexico, Sophos


team prep

Episode 109: Top scenarios for effective tabletop exercises to prep your team for a cyberattack

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CYBER24 is a podcast and website designed to bridge the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts, business leaders and policy makers. We talk with experts who share their knowledge in an easily understandable formate designed to arm public and private sector leaders with the information they need to protect their organizations.



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