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SigRed and Cyber Pandemics - New Cyber24 Podcast



In just the past few weeks, a 17-year vulnerability on Microsoft servers was discovered and it was given the highest security risk rating possible. SIGRed is an attack on DNS and, though Microsoft has distributed a patch, the danger is real for businesses that fail to implement it. So, what danger does SIGRred pose to your business and how is it a potential preview of a global cyber pandemic? We discuss on this edition of the CYBER24 podcast.



Episode 96:SigRed and Cyber Pandemics

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CYBER24 is a podcast and website designed to bridge the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts, business leaders and policy makers. We talk with experts who share their knowledge in an easily understandable formate designed to arm public and private sector leaders with the information they need to protect their organizations.



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