Why YOU should come to VLCM's 2019 Road Show [In addition to some really cool memes]


What do 18th-century swords, 300-year old dollhouses, JFK’s jacket, and VLCM technology solutions have in common?

As of 2019, they are some of the most valuable things found at road shows!

While you might be familiar with road shows filled with antiques, be prepared for the 2019 Utah Road Show demonstrating the massive technological leaps our partners have made in the last year.

Mark your calendar for June 4, 2019 if you are ready to get your socks blown off by some cool tech.

Here are five reasons to attend the 2019 Road Show:

1. FREE FOOD. We were going to put this last, but we all know this is a very important (maybe most important) part. Our road show will include lunch, and….

Free Food MEme

2. You’ll be the first to see new gadgets and ideas. Ever get really exited about a new gadget or idea and you can’t stop talking about it? That’s how we feel about technologies from Creston, Genetec, Mitel, Salto, and VLCM Managed Print Services. From A/V, to Phone, to IP Video Surveillance, and Door Access Control, we are pumped to show you what the hype is all about.



3. Networking. IT professionals from major tech companies and other industry specialist will be in attendance to answer questions and make connections.

Networking Meme


4. It’s right here! Run no further! We’ve been to the Mile High City, but our next stop is in our very own home state.



5. It's quick. We know you have a busy life filled with work, family, and probably putting Nicholas Cage memes on your coworkers' desks. Feel free to stop by between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.



You in? Register for the 2019 Road Show click here.

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