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Offsite storage benefits – Part 1 - New Cyber24 Podcast



By now you know just how important it is to back up your organization’s data. Doing so can be the difference between your business surviving a data breach and a hacker closing your doors forever. Where and how you back up that data are also key risk management decisions. In this episode of the CYBER24 podcast, presented by VLCM, we discuss the benefits of offsite storage with the CIO of local business that specializes in protecting your data in a unique manner and location.



JR Maycock, Perpetual Storage
Dan Schuyler, VLCM


offsite storage

Episode 99: Offsite storage benefits - Part 1


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CYBER24 is a podcast and website designed to bridge the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts, business leaders and policy makers. We talk with experts who share their knowledge in an easily understandable formate designed to arm public and private sector leaders with the information they need to protect their organizations.



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