Rethinking Office 365 Security with Barracuda Sentinel [On-Demand Webinar]



The popularity of Office 365 makes it the single biggest target for attackers. They are continually testing and evolving their threats to circumvent Microsoft standard security. Email continues to be a prime vector for threats of all kinds, and spear-phishing attacks are increasing dramatically.

It’s now more important than ever to protect your organization with a multi-layered email security strategy to complement and strengthen Microsoft’s native offerings.

For an in-depth look at real-world examples of tactics used by hackers to infiltrate your employees' email and the innovative security solutions used to combat them, we invite you to watch our on-demand webinar, partnered with Barracuda Networks.

In this webinar, we also show:

  • The anatomy of a hack
  • Why today’s phishing frauds are so often successful
  • How new technologies keep phishing attacks out of your inbox


Watch the Webinar

Don’t miss this opportunity to get informed about best security practices for Office 365. If watching a webinar recording is not your thing, head over to our Barracuda Sentinel Page to learn more about protecting your Office 365 environment.