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What does HP, Tony Hawk and Shaun White have in common?

Just three years after Hawk’s last X-Game, young talent Shaun White stepped onto the scene, and proved to be just as impressive both on the snow and off. He is just as notorious when it comes to impossible tricks, having been the only one to land a frontside heelflip 540 body viral (nicknamed the Armadillo). Both Hawk and White have revolutionized the sport with their standout tricks and industry edge. Though other tech companies have released a new generation of servers with the debut of the Intel Xeon E-5 V3 chip, no one has the talent and expertise like HP has with its Gen 9 servers.


What makes things interesting for the Gen 9 servers released by HP, is that instead of focusing on one or two areas, it has made serious commitments to improve in all customers, small, medium, and enterprise. With models like the DL80for small business, or the DL380 for medium/large deployments, to the BL460c for medium/large/enterprise customers. Processor and memory are the two biggest improvements to the new system, the high number of cores per chip from a Haswell processor and DDR4 memory, lets companies do more per box. This saves users on operating costs, power, and space.


The one thing that has taken the new Gen 9 servers from good to great, is the introduction of HP’s integrated Lights Out (iLO) IT administrator management software. This software upgrade, in combination with the new hardware features has given HP its 900-degree spin and Armadillo trick. iLO includes features such as iLO intelligent Provisioning to automate the installation of HP VSA storage software. It also offers a Remote Console, which doesn’t require an add-on license to work with a booted system. As a hat trick, Windows users access a .net-based application to have full control over the system, leapfrogging the other competitor's Java-based options.


Just like Tony Hawk and Shaun White, HP continues to innovate and improve while maintaining high quality and standards. With the versatility offered in the Gen 9 systems and the iLO advanced software, IT directors now have the tools to help them achieve more.

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