VMware's Hybrid Cloud

VMware and the Cloud

VMware_Hybrid_CloudBusinesses look to cloud computing today to remain agile and competitive. Cost effectiveness has always played a huge part in the IT industry, and it is more imperative today than ever before. Cloud computing answers the increasing demand for fewer operational expenses by offering application hosting at a fraction of the cost it would take to run internally, and for this reason, along with the flexibility offered by the cloud, computing through this medium is a rather appealing concept that is on the rise.

While cloud computing is no longer new news, the technologies that are hitting the marketing are. Take VMware’s hybrid cloud as an example of this fact. It offers all the typical features of cloud computing with the added options of a hybrid model.

“With infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud from VMware and VMware vCloud® Service Provider partners, you can deploy applications to the best location for that particular application's security, performance and availability needs, and you can move the application seamlessly between your on-premises and off-premises environments,” (http://www.vmware.com/cloud-computing/hybrid-cloud.html).

Like other hybrid cloud models, VMware's vCloud offers all the basics too. With VMware's hybrid cloud, you can (straight from VMware's site-see previous hyperlink):

  •    Write, deploy and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today, relying on the underlying platform to provide the same level of security, reliability and performance you get from your current VMware infrastructure.
  •    Administer the entire hybrid infrastructure—data centers and public cloud together—with a "single pane of glass" management framework. Use the same tools, processes and skills you already have.
  •    Seamless interoperability gives you the freedom to quickly deploy workloads to the cloud with the flexibility to move them between your on-premises and off-premises environments as your requirements change.

So if you're looking to add cloud computing to your current infrastructure, it might be in your best interests to consider VMware's hybrid model. In fact, reach out to us at VLCM, and we can help you determine whether it is.

VLCM and VMware

VLCM partners with VMware to bring their customers the best in breed solutions for virtualization, and in this case, cloud computing options. VLCM is a VMware Premier Partner (the highest level available) and has worked to bring VMware solutions into countless infrastructures and use cases.


VLCM and Cloud Computing