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Follow our blog for an upcoming series on the breakout topics, and read on to learn what you could experience next year.


An Event to Remember

Over 220 attendees and 170 unique companies enjoyed networking, education, and a lot of fun at VLCM IT Exchange, not to mention delicious food and thousands in giveaways! VLCM brought together a wide variety of vendors to directly interact with those who attended. The tradeshow was packed with engaging opportunities to meet with the best-of-breed solution providers and network with other IT professionals. Check out the photos below for some insight on this highly-acclaimed event.

Attractions in the tradeshow area included basketball, Mario Kart competitions, and mini-golf. The event aimed to give professionals a load off while still tending to their business needs. There were demos and technical information all day, as well as breakout sessions by our partners and well-known IT peers. Some of the topics included:

  •   "How to Master Emotional Intelligence and Supercharge Your Career" Beau Sorensen, IT professional and industry veteran
  •   "Preparing Your Network for SDN" Jason Patterson, HP Networking
  •   "Building a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan" Cliff Fano, StorageCraft
These photos just show a glimpse of how epic this event was. Check out what our attendees had to say about VLCM IT Exchange:
"I really enjoyed the event and felt it was a great use of my time. The breakout sessions offered were great and the presentations were well done. I had a hard time deciding which parts to attend. I enjoyed the ability to walk the vendor floor and speak with vendors on offerings I wasn't aware of previously."
VLCM brought together a diverse selection of vendors to appeal to every company and size. The breakout sessions covered intriguing topics relevant across the industry.
"It was one of the best IT Exchanges I've been to. We have some projects in the near future that having all the vendors in one place saved me a bunch of time."
 "Much better than any other Tech Conference I've attended in the past due to the fact that all the companies advertised were affiliated with VLCM in one way or another. Many times I feel pressured by vendors into buying their product or signing up for their newsletters and whatnot, but all of the vendors present were very polite, low-key, and didn't make me feel pressured into their product."
The vision of VLCM IT Exchange was to save our customers time and hassle on researching vendors for their upcoming projects. Instead, we brought together only the best providers to choose from and created an open environment without the high-pressure feeling. Our partners were there to educate, engage, and support IT professionals for the future of our industry.
VLCM would like to thank all of those who attended and made the event possible. We continuously strive to bring our customers the value and insight needed to run their data centers effectively. If you would like more information on the breakout presentations, be sure to follow our blog for the upcoming series. Contact us for more information, below.
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