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In the last five years IT professionals have been running into brand new issues that are starting to become real problems. Concerns about siloed infrastructure or the complexity of mixing and matching third-party manufacturers are a thing of the past thanks to  HP OneView, an infrastructure management platform that manages servers, network, and storage across the entire data center at the system level.

HP OneView offers a refined system around lifecycle management and automation with proactive monitoring of health, capacity, and performance. This tool gives the ability to manage with ease through a very friendly and contemporary web 2.0 design that offers an instantly familiar workspace. Built on the reliable HTML5, the user interface is accessible via any HTML5 browser, as opposed to tools built on a security riddled Java platform.

Unlike top competitors, HP OneView offers an end-to-end approach, meaning that there isn’t another tool or versions of the software required to be purchased for each domain. This tool gives IT professionals improved productivity, and the ability to incorporate open source tools of their choice.



Networks seldom grow in an orderly, planned fashion, mostly because we live in the real world where networks expand in bursts through things like mergers, and acquisitions, or ideally they grow organically to keep pace with company growth or an attempt to keep up with the latest technology. With network growth comes management challenges, including the task of managing countless nodes (most of the time between different manufacturers devices), while at the same time deploying new virtual machines, and all without bogging down the network. Enter HP IMC- a complete wired and wireless network management tool.

One of the things that makes HP's IMC stand out above the crowd is that it has built-in management capabilities for a wide range of device manufacturers, even those that have complicated or multiple interfaces. This gives IT professionals a quality network management tool that is dependable, flexible and powerful. As an end-to-end solution, IMC can scale with your network and give you the tools that will help you avoid duct taping your network together and having to manage two to six different tools to check the heath of your network. IMC offers an easy to read interface from one pane of glass, and easily scales with your environment.


Unlike real black holes, these tools will give you complete control to eliminate chaos and IT black holes, with visibility into everything at the same time. It is important to note that these tools are priced for medium to enterprise size companies. The tools will accommodate smaller companies, however those environments seldom require specialty tools to oversee their environment. As networks are forced to accommodate changes like BYOD, cloud integration, software-defined data center and unstable budgets, tools like IMC and OneView are becoming data center management staples. Click below to learn more about IMC and how it simplifies the daily life of network administrators. 


 How IMC Simplifies Network Management


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