HPE: Accelerating Next

The freshly split “HPE” launches as enterprise leader in infrastructure, security, big data, and workplace productivity solutions.


Today marks the debut of Hewlett Packard Enterprise from its separation from Hewlett-Packard Company. With President and Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman at the helm, HPE offers the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry and a unique vision for the future of technology and its benefits for enterprise customers.




In a dynamic market environment where technology is transforming businesses and entire industries at an unprecedented pace, Hewlett Packard Enterprise builds on its rich heritage of innovation and industry-leading positions in infrastructure, services, software, and financial services. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides the cutting-edge technology solutions customers need to optimize their traditional IT while helping them build the secure, cloud enabled, mobile-ready future that is uniquely suited to their needs. The company is focused on four key areas that are fundamental to enabling business transformation and future growth, and represent an estimated (based on third party data) total addressable market of more than $1 trillion:

  •   Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure by helping customers seamlessly manage information across traditional IT and private, managed and public cloud environments;
  •   Empowering a data-driven organization engineered to turn information into insight and insight into action;
  •   Protecting their digital enterprise to manage risk, monitor operations, protect information and applications and sustain operational integrity;
  •   Enabling workplace productivity to create best-in-class experiences for employees, customers and partners through mobility and networking solutions.


"The winners in today's market will be those who apply the power of technology to fuel the power of ideas, and the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise is built to accelerate this journey for customers," said Whitman. "Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the vision, financial resources and flexibility to help customers win while generating growth and long-term value for our shareholders."


Watch CEO Meg Whitman ring the NYSE bell to kick off the launch.