engineer_compEngineers are never really done learning. They continue their education throughout their career to keep their knowledge current in an industry that constantly changes. New IT solutions emerge every year, and it's up to our solution architects to be able to advise our customers on what's best for their company. 

Jeramie West, one of VLCM’s Solution Architects, helps VLCM’s customers assess and plan the proper implementation of varying IT solutions. Jeramie is an expert in servers, storage, and virtualization—with specific focus and expertise in VMware virtualization. Jeramie has his VCP (VMware Certified Professional) 5 certification with VMware and has had it for a really long time. With these certifications, Jeramie helps VLCM customers seamlessly implement and maintain their virtualization solutions, along with their servers and storage.

Jeramie's days are filled with educating himself on the latest from VMware and HP StoreServ. VMware, a leader in virtualization helps our engineers understand upcoming solutions that can be important for your company. Companies utilizing virtual machines are often ready to ask questions about the next step in keeping their data center current and Jeramie is there to help relay his knowledge to VLCM clients. Read how Jeramie partners with other solution architects and has gained their respect in his work:


"I worked closely with Jeramie for about 1 year and found him to be exceptionally skilled in his field. Always a pleasure to work with, Jeramie interacts well with other people and is adept at finding solutions to complex problems. We worked together on several projects doing implementations of VMware and storage solutions and experienced first hand his broad base of knowledge where he was able to capably assist me even on issues outside his specific area of specialty. Overall, I highly recommend Jeramie." Fred Steinhorst, fellow Solution Architect at VLCM. 

Take a look at Jeramie's notable achievements:

  •   VMware Certified Professional for ESX 2.5, VI3, and vSphere 4 and 5
  •   Completed ESX 2, VI3 and vSphere 5 training.
  •   Salt Lake City VMware User group chair.
  •   Accredited NetApp Engineer for VMWare
  •   VMware Technical Sales Professional 5
  •   Completed Citrix XenApp 6.5 training

When he's not learning about the best solutions for our customers, Jeramie is presenting in VLCM lunch and learns regarding his field of expertise. He also enjoys riding his Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle and taking his road bike out for a spin. His family loves soccer and holds season passes to Real Salt Lake games. Contact us for more information on how Jeramie and other solution architects can share their skills with your organization.

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