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Make Sound Flash Storage Decisions

Why is flash storage going mainstream? Along with the fact that SSD prices have dropped by over 100% in the last year, SSD has also increased its capacity 38x over the last 5 years, while HDDs have only doubled in the same time. In 2016, a single SSD drive will have 8x more capacity than HDD with at least 30x more performance. Is your organization flash-ready? Download our whitepaper and FAQ below to help you make sound flash storage decisions and optimize your infrastructure for flash.

HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash 3PAR_Flash2

Consolidate massively, securely and with high service levels.  Double VM density per server – Guaranteed.The mesh active design, virtual private array security and tier-1 resilience handle diverse and unpredictable workloads typical of multi-tenant cloud environments:

• Performance and scale for multi-tenant applications
• Optimized to get the most from every dollar and disk
• Eliminate deployment bottlenecks and slash OpEx

Take a look at this timeline for an overview of 2014's HP 3PAR StoreServ upgrades. Many of these feature releases are industry firsts and customers will continue to reap rewards like the ability to:

  •    Pay the same amount for more flash capacity with adaptive sparing.
  •    Set max/min IOPS/Bandwith values, priorities and latency goals without relying on host agents.
  •    Utilize the only flat-backup in the industry that spans midrange, high-end and all-flash and enables fast backups and instant recovery of full synthetic backups or single snapshots. 


Click the link below to view the whitepaper and other helpful resources. Let VLCM help you optimize your environment for flash storage and utilize HP's enterprise-class solutions for your data center.


Learn More About Flash Storage

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