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HP Printing


For all these reasons HP printers are more than a sensible choice, they are a financially-responsible one. In addition to all the perks of HP printers and imagers, HP has added another. Now through December 31st of this year, HP is offering a substantial trade-in program.

HP Printing

HP’s Trade In Program
If now is the time for a printer upgrade, you’ll want to take advantage of HP’s latest incentive, Trade-In and Save 2013. Here’s how it works. If you trade in your old printer, you can get a cash allowance for a new energy-efficient HP printer. To be more specific, if you purchase a select HP printer, you can get up to $500 cash back after trading in your old desktop laser / ink printer. Your trade-in doesn’t have to be a HP printer either. It can be any brand in any condition.

This is all accommodated by filling out an online form with proof of purchase for the HP printer and then sending in your old printer for recycling. So if it’s time for you to get that new printer for your office, look no further than VLCM, a trusted HP provider for over twenty years.

To read more about the details of the program, visit the link below.


VLCM has been an HP Partner for over twenty years. With considerable experience in HP Printing and Imaging, VLCM fits HP’s wide range of print and imaging products to multiple customer needs. For questions or to request pricing, email toner@vlcmtech.com.



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